Teleprompters and TeleLie: Overview

Teleprompters allow the users to pretend to be something that they are not, that is, an expert. They are examples of how the emperor has no clothes.

A viewer with a doubting, questioning attitude can observe the robotic nature of the teleliars as they read their scripts. First, turn off the audio. Focus on the eyes and you will see them "tick-tocking" across the screen in front of them. Once you see how they are reading with the screen reflected in their eyes then watch their practices head swings and jerks. One prominent teleliar has what could be called the "elephant swish" as he methodically goes back and forth between teleprompters on either side of him. Makes him look like he is talking to the audience. Worse than  lying out of both sides of your mouth is reading from both sides than your head from a teleliar.

With some software, one could actually transceive, reverse and magnify the text reflected in teleliars eyes so as to read along with the teleliar. In recording the eye movements, one could match eye movements with head movements. Teleliars practice different head jerks for different perceived emotional affectations to go with the text. Because the eye movement precedes cognition, vocalization and headiness, one could predict the teleliars next heartfelt emotional physical response. This predictive software is akin to the software that can listen to your typing and within seven to ten minutes be displaying on a separate computer the text that you are typing by virtue of universal patterns of typing common to all typists.

As a well-read person with a broad knowledge, it is disgusting to the point of turning off the news when watching bimbos and dummies affect emotional disconnect, that is, they pretend to feel the story when they are 180 degrees off-center. Or, when they go from one-story to another that contradicts the facts stated in the first story ... without blinking an eye.

Teleprompters should be banned for use by public officials. We have enough concocted lies without the fog of teleprompters to blur our seeing the that teleliars have no truths.

Tell A Lie

It used to be the fastest way to tell a lie was to telegraph, telephone or tell a woman. Now, it is a teleprompter.

Chain TV stations have young, cheap news anchors reading teleprompters and sounding like experts to the average ill-informed viewers. This is not good for the future of humanity mixing paycheck dependent beginners with low integrity of intellect and intelligence. Even worse is the habitual politician who reads a teleprompter like a knowledgeable, honest thinker. Therefore,

  1. News anchors who use teleprompters are guilty of hate crimes, that is, hating life on earth by Charlie McCarthy saying whatever is stuck before their eyes.
  2. News reporters who report on any habitual politician who uses teleprompters to appear as telling the truth but are telling lies ... implicitly that the habitual politician is a knowledgeable, honest policy-maker.


  1. 120320 News coverage included both Queen Elizabeth and Duchess of Cambridge giving speeches. Neither used a teleliar. Both were elegant in humanly pacing their message without the artificiality of headjerks to hide eyes glued to the teleliar and without the hyperADHD delivery to distract the viewer from the message.
  2. Telefarts use teleprompters for stinking gaseous talk ... full of hot air.
  3. How odd that those professionally trained and paid in mass communication choose settings and pacing that distract the viewer/listener and dilute/confuse the message.
  4. People using teleprompters are frauds who reduce the freedoms of viewers and listeners.
  5. News anchor Katie Corrupt was upset over a word on teleprompter which means that she had was not what her titled claimed, that is, editor. If she had edited her broadcast before showtime, she would have edited the word out. Another bimbo reading cue cards who wants to be treated like an Einstein but is merely another mediot.
  6. With a teleprompter, what you see is not what you get.
  7. Because teleprompters are not only used to tell lies as to the knowledge, education, and wisdom of the speaker but are used by habitual politician speechs full of stinking, offensive hot air, the users could be known as either teleliars or telefarters.
  8. Teleprompters: They are reading a script. The question is who is writing the scripts. The bauble-head anchors are not so doing, e.g., Katie Corrupt.