The Federal Reserve should be seeking legislative power to reduce the workweek rather than the money supply when fearful of inflation.

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Brain bees are like spelling bees only the participants spell out problem definitions and solutions with peer voting determining the winners. Winners progress from the initial cyber-classroom of seven students though higher levels of division by seven. Brain Bees have many applications. One is the Youth Wisdom Forum: On-line means for students to prioritize and share how to deal with joys and fears of youth. Another is World Peace.

VoteTime is a simple, efficient and inexpensive way by which high school students can train and certify their computers/scanners as vote counting systems. On election day, students show up at assigned polling places and receive a $100-$150 college tuition credit. Instead of spending $9+ billion on questionable voting equipment, we can save money. We can keep the money in education and communities. We can have voting reform before the next election.

Oil Droughts: All the past and present droughts can be tied to the development of upwind oil fields. Global warming is worse than the most pessimistic computer projection.

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