Living beyond one's financial, existential
and emotional means.

Dining rooms with no Diners
Recreation rooms where none Recreate
Guest rooms with nary a Guest
Family rooms with no Family
Leisure decks with no Leisure
Toy Bonds instead of Love Bonds.
Teenage cars for Offspring Care
Separate bedrooms with separate lives.
A manor with no Manners.

When was the last time you had diners,
guests, etc. in your home?

The modern home is a monument to life's lost spirits, who enslaved themselves and their children to the symbols of happiness at the cost of happiness. The modern home has garages, basements and attics stuffed with past "must have," passing fantasies that never come to mind anymore except for when someone trips over the stuffings. Ultra-modern homes rent storage sheds for the over-stuffings. Stuffings are scars of that peculiar American disease, shop till you drop. Appended to the modern home is the virgin SUV which will be sold without ever having consummated its design communion with nature. The modern home is no different than the posturing raconteur's misfocused life and unfulfilled dreams as symbolized by his billfold 's dried-out raincoat. Making home is the half-mom who confesses repeatedly at work her maternal hybridity by repeatedly protesting: "You can't find good childcare." Half-moms want something for nothing--full-filled children. Modern homes of suburbia condemn broken-wing kids to working for cars since there is not public transportation. Full moms understand motherhood is a full-time job but keep mum in the face of these deporable self-admissions by half mums. The modern home is a death trap, suffocating the human spirit beneath a veneer of success. Among the Second Millennium Genocides, future generations will foremost recall the distress and death wrought by the Modern Home, for future generations will suffer from the consequences of Americans fixation with junk happiness.


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