Clinton Story Takes Twists, Turns [Bush drunken daughter's boyfriend] By Howard Kurtz Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, March 2, 2001; 11:10 AM

A Bush family controversy? Check out the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Secret Service agents who said they were escorting one of President Bush's daughters picked up a TCU student early Sunday from the county jail after his arrest for public intoxication, Sheriff Dee Anderson said Wednesday.

"Anderson said William Ashe Bridges, 18, was polite and courteous, but also 'very intoxicated' and 'very vocal' in saying that he was Jenna Bush's boyfriend.

"He was placed in a cell alone, to ensure his safety, for about four hours, then allowed to make a call from his cellular telephone, the sheriff said.

"Anderson said jail officials believe that he called for Jenna Bush and her Secret Service escort. 'A few minutes later, a black Suburban and some Secret Service agents showed up,' Anderson said, adding that jail personnel were told Jenna Bush was in the Suburban.

"Bridges, a TCU freshman, entered the vehicle and 'they were on their way,' the sheriff said."

Bridges wouldn't comment, and "the White House also declined to discuss Jenna Bush's friendship with Bridges, or whether she was at a weekend party near Texas Christian University that was halted by police and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officers. Claire Buchan, a White House spokeswoman, said: 'We are not going to have a comment.'"

(The New York Daily has a catchier headline on its report: "Bush Buddy in Beer Bust.")