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  1. With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right
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NYT Lincoln and Douglas: The Debates That Defined America - Allen C. Guelzo - Book Review - New York Times
  1. a brutal four-month senatorial campaign
  2. the seven Lincoln-Douglas debates
  3. part of an often dirty political campaign, not a series of Socratic dialogues
  4. The state divided into three ideological belts, the solidly Democratic South separated from the solidly Republican North by a fat central “Whig belt” of voters opposed to slavery but committed to white supremacy.
  5. But he had the reputation of being a loser
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WashPost Lincoln's audacious address
  1. Lincoln's detractors thought he'd pulled a bait-and-switch by holding up the Declaration of Independence, instead of the Constitution, as our defining document, the source of ideas for what makes our nation. The editors of the Chicago Times saw this as an outright betrayal of those men on whose graves Lincoln stood to give his speech. The Constitution, they pointed out, does not refer to equality and, in fact, allows for slavery.
  2. Lincoln was arguing, in effect, that the Declaration of Independence (with its notion of equality) and the Constitution (with its acceptance of slavery) were fundamentally incompatible.
  3. Wills says, "It was at this point in the argument that Lincoln distinguished between the Declaration as the statement of a permanent ideal and the Constitution as an early and provisional embodiment of that ideal, to be tested against it, kept in motion toward it." In other words, the Constitution is just the current law whose main function is to lift us toward that higher calling expressed in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution can be amended; the Declaration's ideals are timeless.

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