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War Time PayGo

  1. It was not WWI and WWII that destroyed the British empire but how the wars were financed. The same is happening to the US as a result of similar financing of the War on Terror.
  2. Consider the difference between the consequences of different ways of responding to an everyday need for a person with an average income.
    1. Food: Eating at home with mostly homegrown food versus eating out with a credit card.
    2. Repairs: Handyman simple solutions versus "no interest, no payments" for twelve months of inflated prices.
  3. The term "Merchants of Death"  (1930's) arose to describe businessmen who sought monetary gain from the business of war. A strong case has been made for the U.S. entering WWI because American bankers had extensive loans to Britain and France which would default if they lost the war. In the American Civil War, the South financed its war effort, in part, by Northern Banks which managed the credits for illegally exporting war-priced cotton. After the war, these war gains were used to back bonds to rebuild the South. "Merchants of Death" metamorphed into Eisenhower's "Military-Industrial Complex" in his 1960's speech.
  4. The Iraqi War--A Faith-Based Initiative from the White House to the lowliest recruit--typifies the empire-destruction of greed driven war policies. The corruption in Iraq from Halliburton (a Walker/Bush family business) to sub-contractors is unprecedented. Never have Swiss bankers smiled so much and so often.
  5. After the American solidiers have left Iraq, the American taxpayer will be left with the debt generated by bad policies, bad management and bad monetarism. Even if the U.S. wins the battles against Terrorism, it will lose the war for peace and stability because of the war debt.
  6. Financially, wars should be paid with a "PayGo" plan. As the cost of the war escalates, wages and prices are adjusted downward accordingly to finance the war akin to the person who homegrows food or does home handy work. No wages are received but life-sustaining products are produced to maintain the necessities of life and standard of living.
  7. With PayGo war financing, there are no war "profits." With PayGo war financing, the homefront workers in war factories don't reap financial winfalls with high wages and overtime because of labor shortages due to troops fighting elsewhere. With Paygo, when the war is over there is no lingering drain on the economy from too much money chasing too few products nor the byproduct of war profits, the Parasite Hiltons. With Paygo, all suffer equally. With Paygo, there is no incentive to start wars for financial reasons.
  8. A non-dysfunctional currency, lifehours, tied to the time value of individuals and nations would allow PayGo war financing so that after the war there would not be widespread debt, inflation and unemployment.


  1. China has a better military paygo system. The military controls many of the industries in China. Not only can they keep their costs lower but each time an American buys a Chinese export, the American is more than likely paying a fee or tax to maintain and improve Chinese military. How stupid are Americans? They keep wanting their habitual politicians to cut taxes needed to support our troops and help our wounded veterans while stupid Americans keep buying more and more chinese products which pays taxes for the Chinese military. Duh. DASE.

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