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Reform #1: Principles of Reforms

1-1REF 15 Reformation Overview
1-2PRE 96 Premises for an American Reformation
1-3NEW 84 New Forms
1-4NUS 60 National Universal Service Act
1-5TIM 24 Time Investment Stops Inflationary Suffering

Reform #2: Election Reforms

2-1ERR 168 Errors and Opportunities
2-2Dem 30 Democratic Capitalists

Reform #3: Tax Reforms

3-1POL 54 Politicized Taxation
3-2MOR 90 More Tax Abuses
3-3REA 114 Reaganomics--Escapees' Heaven
3-4TIM 114 Timely Taxation
3-5TIM 48 Timistic Analysis
3-6PRI 102 Private Taxation of America

Reform #4: Employment and Education

4-1WOR 36 WorkSharing: A Better Life
4-2COM 72 Compresson of a Time Conversion
4-3SHA 66 Share and Reduce Your Timely Costs
4-4PRI 54 Principles and Faith for Compression
4-5INF 120 Influx of Pressure to Compress
4-6BEN 30 Benefits and Enforcement of Compression

24 in 4:

24-BUS 24 Business Ramifications
24-COL 12 Waste: Students and College
24-CRI 12 Crime Prevention
24-CUR 24 Currency: Penultimate Productivity
24-ECO 6 Ecos Nomos: Quality Environment
24-EM1 6 Unknown Section
24-EM2 6 Unknown section
24-FED 30 Federal Reserve Cuts the Workweek
24-FOR 18 Forword
24-GOL 36 Gold or Another 4-Letter Word
24-HEA 12 Healthcare: Community Service
24-HOU 24 24-Hour Workweek
24-JOB 12 Job Democracy
24-LIF 24 Lifehours: Symbols are Substance
24-NEC 12 Necronomics: The Killing Laws
24-NOT 6 Unknown section
24-PA1 18 Quality of Parenting and Teaching
24-PA2 6 Paradigms or Models of Employment
24-SAC 24 Sacred 40-Hour Workweek
24-TAX 12 Tax Ax: Product Transaction
24-TRO 30 Trouble Spots in the Workplace
24-UND 12 Underemployment
24-UNI 18 Universal Time Clock, Payroll & Policies
24-WHA 12 What can we do? Lifehour Credits

Currency: Symbols or Substance

C01-ST 36 Stable Currency
C02-HU 24 Currencies? Human Products
C03-HI 48 Historical Trends
C04-DU 36 Durability: What Production
C05-OF 54 Official and Unofficial
C06-SI 72 Simple Private Currencies
C07-LO 48 Loans--Complex Private Currencies
C08-EU 36 Euromart--Mass Inflation/Counterfeiting
C09-LO 66 Loan Action of the Federal Reserve
C10-BA 36 Bankers' Law or Grandma's Law
C11-NE 36 Necronomic Monetarism: Nature and Origin
C12-NE 48 Necronomics: Currency Divorcing Production
C13-MO 60 Monetary Colonialism
C14-ST 78 Stockflation: Cheapening A Capital Tool
C15-ST 96 Stockflation: Awareness and Concern
C16-PR 72 What Production? What Products?
C17-NA 24 National Stock of a Country
C18-PR 42 Productive Monetarism
C19-PR 18 Producer's Choice: What Product?

Decapitalism: Economic Bloodshed

DECAP1 114 The Great American Sell-off
DECAP2 60 Rationle: Necronomics
DECAP3 54 The Bankers
DECAP4 54 The Habitual Politicians
DECAP5 18 Are you Decapitalizing America?

Democratic Capitalism:

DEMCAP1 30 Introduction
DEMCAP2 18 A Needed Presidential Speech
DEMCAP3 126 NUSA is not Marxism
DEMCAP4 18 Loyal Opposition or Better
DEMCAP5 54 Re-Declaration of Independence
DEMCAP6 12 Unknown section

Ecos Nomos: The Needed Economics

E01-HU 12 Human Problems: Wasted Time
E02-LI 36 Lifehours
E03-IN 60 Inflation: The Theft of Time
E04-OC 24 Ockham's Razor for Inflation: Timism
E05-TI 60 Timely Function of Government
E06-GO 36 Good Economics: Needs Good Democracy
E07-NA 84 Nature of Relevant Democracy
E08-PR 48 Productivity: Forward
E09-UT 24 Ultimate Productivity: Democracy

Managing without Managers

M1-ECO 72 Economics: The Politics of Human Time
M2-GOA 42 Goals and Growth
M3-FRI 60 Self-Management: Friend or Foe
M4-FIN 102 Fingertip Productivity
M5-MAS 24 Mass Communicator: Daily Growth
M6-PRO 66 Profits: Who Gains
M7-CAR 30 Career Path: Self-Determination
M8-GOV 12 Progressive Government Reform
M9-LIF 30 Lifehour Evolution

Neconomics: The Killing Laws

N00-IN 36 Introduction
N01-IN 24 Inflation: An Inflated Word
N02-IN 78 Inflation is ...
N03-CA 54 Capital Choice: Productive or Inflationary Income
N04-LE 18 Legalized Inflation: Legisflation
N05-NE 66 Necronomics: Negative Ecos Nomos
N06-IL 42 Illogical Legal Tax Laws
N07-US 42 Usury Laws: A Productive Reason
N08-BA 30 Bankers' Law or Grandma's Law
N09-SA 30 Savers Beware
N10-PR 60 Productive Deflation: Democratic Tailoring
N11-FE 42 Federal Deficit and Inflation
N12-WA 24 Waterdown: All the Little Watergates
N13-NE 30 New Articles of Confderation
N14-HA 18 Habitual Politicians
N15-MO 42 Monetary Colonialism
N16-ME 24 Mercenary Politicians
N17-PO 30 Pollution of Democracy by Politics
N18-PE 24 Permitters of Inflation
N19-VE 42 Velocity of Circulation: Trickle Up or Down
N20-UN 18 Unions: Disjunction from the Good Life
N21-NE 30 Necronomics Nomenclature
N22-DE 42 Decline and Fall of Pax Americanus
N23-LE 30 Legacy for Humanity


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