Time Based Payments Converted into Lifehours

Where wealth reflects worth and where the price of everything reflects the value of everything.

The US dollar can be the central conversion tool for equating the worth of individuals in different economies with different living standards. Without a conversion into lifehours, two equally qualified persons can be paid differently. For instance, a plumber in the US might make $100/hour while a plumber in a 3rd World Country might make only $10/hour. Is the latter only 10% as qualified as the former?

As is, the current global economic system fosters Monetary Colonialism whereby a rich country economically enslaves other countries by exporting funny numbers on funny paper for real goods and services. In effect, they are exporting their inflation by importing cheap foreign goods. But this does not last.

Too often, the colonizer drains the enslaved nation's resources causing widespread unemployment, inflation, famine, starvation and death. The Irish Potato Famine had upwards of 4 million deaths as British landlords in Ireland exported grains and animals that should have fed the Irish peasantry. Likewise with the Bristh Empire causing repeated famines and deaths in India.  

As with physical cancers, economic cancers usually cause the colonizer to collapse when it can no longer drain the enslaved. It's economy has shifted from self-sufficiency to foreign dependence. One historical example was the 1500s Spanish New World rape of stealing gold and silver. Like modern-day economic thieves who buy M&M's (mansions and mistresses), Spain built the 1588 Armada which went down in defeat. Spain has never recovered from the infrastructure destruction from New World wealth.

The only real wealth is your worth as a problem-solver, i.e., a time-saver or time-creator. A good problem-solver in a poor country should not be a servant to a visiting problem-solver of the same professional caliber. But, it is the universal cancer within  globalization. Companies move their production to countries where the national currency buys more human time. This is unfair. It is immoral. It is the ticking time-bomb that will cause the collapse of the world economy.

Needed is a better global currency system. Timism, the Morality of More  Time, offers a model for reforming decapitalism into capitalism ... replacing capitalism for a fewer few with capitalism per capita. Capitalism a victim of identity theft. Its tools and terms have been used to decapitalize companies and decapitate jobs--Decapitalism: Economic Bloodshed.

Timism's Global Democracy Tax for Ukraine based on brainbee revenues is a model for a better future. It is necessary ... let it be repeated ... it is a necessary foundation for reversing climate change. As is, more people will feel helpless without hope. As is, Monetary Colonialsim metastasizes a growing rate of crime and terrorism. People worried about their next morsel or drink don't care about climate or democracy.

The following Lifehour Conversion process is also key to the Pre-Payment of Democracy Tax whereby a person buys vote tokens based on their hourly income but are paid in the national lifehour. For instance, an American earning $8 minimum wage can buy 60 lifeminutes which are each worth $31 when used to vote on shared, common issues, problems and reforms.

The following tables show the conversion from a test nation (ZZ) which has a lifehour value of $5.

Time Fees conversion (Multiple of ZZ Lifehour: 1)
Ukraine lifehour: $6.56 ... ZZ Lifehour: $5
TimeFee ZZ US cash ZZ Credits UA Warrants
10 minutes $0.83 0.167 0.127
30 minutes $2.50 0.500 0.381
45 minutes $3.75 0.750 0.572
60 minutes $5.00 1.000 0.762
90 minutes $7.50 1.500 1.143

Time Fees conversion (Multiple of ZZ Lifehour: 2)
Ukraine lifehour: $6.56 ... ZZ Lifehour: $10
TimeFee US cash ZZ Credits UA Warrants
10 minutes $1.67 0.167 0.255
30 minutes $5.00 0.500 0.762
45 minutes $7.50 0.750 1.143
60 minutes $10.00 1.000 1.524
90 minutes $15.00 1.500 2.287

Time Fees conversion (Multiple of ZZ Lifehour: 3)
Ukraine lifehour: $6.56 ... ZZ Lifehour: $15
TimeFee US cash ZZ Credits UA Warrants
10 minutes $2.50 0.167 0.381
30 minutes $7.50 0.500 1.143
45 minutes $11.25 0.750 1.715
60 minutes $15.00 1.000 2.287
90 minutes $22.50 1.500 3.430

Time Fees conversion (Multiple of ZZ Lifehour: 5)
Ukraine lifehour: $6.56 ... ZZ Lifehour: $25
TimeFee US cash ZZ Credits UA Warrants
10 minutes $4.17 0.167 0.636
30 minutes $12.50 0.500 1.905
45 minutes $18.75 0.750 2.858
60 minutes $25.00 1.000 3.811
90 minutes $37.50 1.500 5.716

Lend-Lease, Ukraine lifehour: $6.56
No Lifehour credits
(zero-sum negation)

US dollars

UA Warrants