Bumping within Duty-to-Die Group

In order to maintain a balanced population of workers, the application of the duty-to-die requirement is applied across demographic groups. If the foodchain falls 10%, all groups will euthanize their membership by 10% based on lifehour accounts from the least to the less least.

All lifehour records and form responses will be on-line for review by other members of the group. Members are encouraged to review these records to find people who have violated the honor code in recording earned lifehours or GOOHF's.

  1. At the minimum, the violators lose lifehours with the finder receiving a 10% finder's fee added to their lifehour account.
  2. The violator might also receive a mandatory duty to die.

By finding non-honorable people with more lifehours, one can increase one's chances of survival by receiving more lifehours and by euthanizing a dishonorable person lacking the integrity needed to save life on earth.

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