ManHeaven versus Heaven

Only a fool would not see the parallel between the steps by which  one earn the keys to Heaven and the keys to ManHeaven. The lifehours are a currency that records the value of your human problem-solving existence. As noted repeatedly elsewhere, it is a currency system that values human time in the problem-solving quality of  that time, that is, the amount of time saved in a unit of clock time.

The lifehour is a currency that transcends the boundaries of centuries and nations, for the value of finding a cup of water for a thirsty man today in America is the same as it was 2000 years ago for a Man on a Cross. The value of a cup of water is not its accorded number of dinari or dollars. Numbers on metal, paper and media are symbols, not substance.

The value of anything is the time in hours which it gives the thirsty, that is, its lifehour value. The ManHeaven project will separate the wheat from the chaff in who helps and benefits from the ManHeaven project. All will be called, but only a few will answer well enough to ride the arks to eternal salvation. Many will be the rich and poor who cannot and will not pass through the eye of the needle that is the ManHeaven Project. Like heaven, entry into ManHeaven will be based on the value of one's lifehours, not pieces of silver.

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