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I need two beta-testers for an internet start-up  (Timism.com) which has rewards beyond the hourly wage and stock options. If you visit www.24in4.com you will see the initial focus of webservice. One aspect of it should create a new social media, Brainbees. If successful, you will also get all your loans refinanced to zero-interest with profit-sharing payback.

The beta-testing is testing apps as they come on-line, e.g. Signup, Homestead, Endow, etc. During the break you will work 3-4 hours per week. Thereafter, you will be on 2-hour weekly retain with 20 shares of stock upto the start of next semester then 1 or 2 hours beta-testing new apps.

Interestingly about me is a qualification justifying your taking my offer seriously. I completed undergraduate requirements at Southern Illinois Universty (29,000 enrollment) in two years cum laude. One semester I ace'd 24 hours. (Transcript--as a result, I am eccentric.)

If interested, please email your hourly wage need (cash) which will have a bonus of one stock option (about $25) per wage dollar. In addition, a big bonus of stock will be granted after three months. One could in a semester acquire enough stock options to pay off the average student loans as well as having significant career entry on one's resume.

And, you can help create a safer, saner world for your future.


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