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CO2 Hurricanes for Dummies: Fewer, but More Powerful

The dynamics of tropical cyclonic systems, aka, hurricanes, typhoons, monsoons and cyclones have changed: Rising CO2 reduces the number while increasing the power of those that do form. The U.S. East Coast has had dwindling hurricane seasons with fewer storms except for an occasional monster storm. The key, as in all aspects of CO2, The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule, is its hydrophilia, that is, CO2 likes water more than water likes itself--(www ... YouTube). This CO2 property is why we have carbonated beverages--pop, beer and champaign.

Hurricanes in the open ocean are donut shape. In the past they were also donuts when they crossed the coast. Now they look like someone ripped off part of the donut. Compare Andrews(1992) to Albert(2006)--see satellite images. This is an example of CO2 cloaking water, that is, CO2 strips moisture from airborne particulates to form transparent clusters--see Cloud Sucking CO2. Other examples are clouds from low CO2 areas disappearing as they approach a high CO2-density metro area. With hurricanes approaching land masses, the front edge visually disappear but the high-velocity winds remain, e.g., Frances (2004).

Two U.S. hurricanes show how CO2's hydrophilia minimizes and potentiates cyclonic systems, Sandy 2012 (YouTube) and Bonnie/Charley 2004.  The Sandy time-lapsed video shows a transparent lower left quadrant. This is where CO2 has stripped the water from particulates forming the cloaking clusters. Because the de-watered particulates are still present, they re-bind water as they rotate back over the ocean as indicated by the cloud formation off the coast in the lower right quadrant. Thus, Sandy per cube volume of atmosphere has more water energy to release. Whereas particulates release water gradually over a wide bandwidth, CO2 cluster's narrow release bandwidth means explosive deluges instead of wimpy drizzles. When a hurricane stalls and straddles the coast line, it becomes a conveyor belt of moisture onto land, e.g., Gaston (2004).

The 2004 Bonnie-Charlie hurricanes shows this "CO2 stripping, particulates re-wetting" in an additional dynamic. The Gulf of Mexico (GOM) developed massive oil wells with daily production of 50,000 compared to an average of 7 barrels of land-based wells. In 2000, 50 deep-water wells produced 25% of US oil production. Prior to the building of a gas transportation system, these wells burning off natural gas caused the late 1999s and early 2000s droughts and deluges on the US Southeast coast--see 1998+ SouthEast/East Coast Drought.

The British Petroleum New Horizon Oil Platform blowout in 2010 echo'd all of the dessication of increased CO2 when they burned it off--this writer knew the initial claims of 5,000 barrels a day were baloney claims. It was closer to 100,000. See YouTube vid for numerous satellite images of CO2 dessicating and cloaking clouds.

It is important to know that the average barrel of oil contains 140 barrels of natural gas. Since GOM wells could not initially sell the natural gas, and despite federal regulations to re-deposit the gas, it was mostly burned off causing the Florida and East Coast droughts of the late 1990s and early 2000--see above link. This was akin to the "real" cause of the 1930s and 1950s US Dustbowls, that is, East and West Texas oil fields burning billions of cubic feet of natural gas which generated dessicating CO2. In both areas, the development of natural gas pipe transportation (Big Inch and Little Inch) stopped the downwind droughts from the oil fields.

In the case of the GOM wells in 2004, there CO2-generated "blastoma" acted as a sponge when Hurricane Bonnie approached, soaking up the particulated moisture into CO2 clusters. Hurricane Bonnie was stopped in its tracks, ceasing to be a tropical storm. Following Bonnie 36 hours later, Charley incorporated Bonnie's CO2 clusters with a leap in hurricane velocity:  Said NOAA "Nobody predicted [Hurricane Charley] would go from Category 2 to Category 4 in four hours" see What about Charley?

A similar dynamic accounts for how Australia's droughts of the south become floods of the north as the southern winds boomerang around to the equatorial flow: The high-CO2 soaks up land and ocean water to dump it on Queensland or beyond.

Bonnies shows that high CO2 "blastomas" can cause cyclonic system to disintegrate as the CO2 soaks up the moisture. However, if sufficient moisture exists from either offshore circulation or an immediate subsequent hurricane, more energy will result in more powerful hurricanes. Elevated CO2 levels can prevent the formation of hurricanes. The rising number of fires on the Iberian Peninsula results in high CO2 winds entering the hurricane birthing zoner off of Africa. The result is fewer hurricanes--see "Where are the Hurricanes."

This is the same wind pattern that carries CO2 from burned Saudi natural gas (7 billion cubic feet, daily) onto the drought-stricken Horn of Africa. In both cased, CO2's hydrophilia soaks up moisture preventing normal climatic dynamics. As was shown during the 1970s OPEC oil embargo, normal rain returned to the Horn for the duration of the embargo. Likewise, other instances of restored normal rainfall from decreased upwind natural gas burning exist, 1939 and 1956 end to U.S. Dustbowls. If California wants to permanently end its drought, cut fossil fuel consumption. If downwind flooded areas subjected to California's absconded water-deluges want to stop the downpours, sue California in Federal Court.

In summary, the hurricane dynamics has changed as atmospheric CO2 has increased. CO2's hydrophilia accounts for weather extremes and contradictions as outline in the Organic Thesis of CO2 and CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Moledule. These changes are the new normal until higher levels exacerbate a new abnormal normal.

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