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When I came to Richmond, 1979, I found myself defined as a darn Yankee. I learned not to praise Lincoln. I also learned that one could keep a Richmonder uniformed by hiding the Richmond Times Dispatch, and, if one found it then one could keep the Richmonder misinformed.

In the 1990s, I learned not to share dirt on Republicans because, despite promises of anonymity, I would get calls of offers or complaints from Republican operatives. An alternative state rag published the story which eventually led to a special federal grand jury and convictions. A similar sequence happened when I exposed chicanery in the state Democratic headquarters.

Fake news has been around for a long time. Long before yellow journalism, there was and is advertising. The media has consistently allowed advertisers to redraw the line between news and ads. Ad revenue consistently keeps journalists leery of biting the hand that feeds them, e.g., the shift in PBS to more news coverage with less news investigation as "sponsors" take up a larger amount of screen time. Will the Newshour ever describe Bill Gates in negative terms (see below).

Editorial pages are where the news becomes less trustworthy. Understandably. Opinions are by definition not objective, trustworthy conclusions.  Conclusions are answers that the facts bear out over-and-over with universal acceptance of the the concluded answer. Its root bears this out, a common ending.

Opinions are like visions--everyone has one. Opinions' seed of subjectivity is in the root of the word: To pine, that is, to want. Opinions contain irrelevant factors in forming an anwer reflecting what the thinker wants rather the reality of relevant facts. In politics and poetry, opiners are usually whiners. In the four needed steps to solve a problem (define, prescribe, organize and motivate), an opinion at best is an impediment, at worst a part of the problem.

Do I trust the media? I do more than I trust politicians. In both cases, the trust is debased by money. People vote and voice their billfold. Two life-and-death examples depict Lincoln's example of why people do not do the right thing: He placed a gold coin over a book's title, "Holy Bible."

  1. In 1982, a general manager ruling on science? Money. Ch.12 is neither 1st Alert nor On Your Side. More droughts and deluges.
    Since then I have written a series of essays applying the basic principle of atmospheric carbonation to explain several critical changes in our lives.
    1. Hurricanes for Dummies ...
    2. Polar Timebomb
    3. Alpha Trifecta
    4. CO2: The Global Multi-Tasking, Killer Molecule
    5. Dominion's Atlantic Coast Pipeline
  2. In 2016, 401ks the biggest bank robbery in history.

The two most important issues in the 2016 election were igknowed like elephants in the room: Climate Change and Middle-class decline. I believe if my treatise on decapitalism had been given the air of day, Donald Trump would not have been elected. Instead, Trump is stuffing his cabinet with people who not only benefitted from the 2007-8 financial crisis but orchestraded it: Mnuchin, Carl Icahn, etc.

The reader will no doubt vote their billfold. When I protested Dominions' Atlantic Coast Pipeline, I had more than one Dominion employee say they did not care about the environment since the pipeline was job security. Likewise with 401ks and 529s, people will continue to be blinded by the immediate funny numbers on paper without doing a cradle-to-grave analysis as this writer has done.

butternuts soldiers

About the writer--a quixotic eccentric explained by his resume and achievements. He has spent his life pursuing a unified theory of existence, Timism: The Morality of More Time. As his resume and achievements show, he has an integrity of intellect and intelligence more worthy than most at delineating an existential commonality: Time is the thread in the fabric of life.

Decapitalism: If RTD had allowed me to publish this treatise as a political tract, I believe the

  1. 24in4
  2. Meaning of life
  3. Timism; Morality of More Time
  4. Speed of light

Based on qualifying and quantifying the time created and destroyed in each dynamic interaction, one can conclude some insightful, inciteful conclusions at both ends of the existential continuum:

  1. The linear speed of light is an epiphenomenon of the basic particle's rotational speed and angle of precession.
  2. What does your God think when he hears the racist say 'Nigger?'