Richmond City Council Members
Richmond Police Department
On the advice of the below fire engine commander, I request enforcement of the state law and city regulation of not parking within 22 feet of a blind corner at the intersection of Carson Street and Anne Street. As the following images show, many minutes were wasted by the firefighters of Engine 22 as they negotiated the corner with only the mother's car present. If the daughter had her car parked at the corner, the fire truck would have had to back down to Forest Hill Avenue by the Crossroad Coffee shop where they had stopped for refreshments.
The fire engine had to jerk back and forth several times in order to twist around the illegally parked car, each time coming to rest close to or against my property wall: at least 8 times. The braking scars in the asphalt roadway indicate more the sudden stops. In the end, like all large vehicles negotiating the corner, the fire engine left a groove on my grassed property and ran over my steps to the street (which after three replacements, I used concete blocks that give rather than crack). The UPS drivers hate the corner when my neighbor's cars are illegally blocked.
Because the Richmond Police Depart did not write tickets for illegally parked cars and because its members use the neighbor's child care services, these women have repeatedly demeaned and bullied me because as they expressed, they have friends in high places. They have flipped cigarettes, drinks and litter onto my property. They have flipped me the bird. They have done the KMA booty shake at me which one neighbor saw and inquired what had happened. Why? Because the RPD conveyed that they were above the law. (There is poetic justice as I hear, then watch, the police children caught in shouting matches between the mother and daugher as well as smoking by the daughter and drinking by the brother/uncle.)
Because of racial discrimination by black members of the Richmond's police department, Richmond is not a city in which an old white person should retire. As is, declining police pay compensation does not mean better, non-discrimination police officers ... another reason why for self-preservation, a white person or white business should not locate in Richmond. As soon as my new internet app is thriving I am leaving after living 40 years on Anne Street. (We own the two lots that comprise Anne Street:3600 and 3602. In 2016, my tax assessment jumped 47.22%. Another sign of decline and another reason to leave.)
Maybe a no-parking sign will be put up. Will it be like the ineffective, impotent drug-free signs on school properties? Writing this opens me up to subtle backroom discrimination by black city workers and police. I am willing to die for blacks rights to equal justice under the law. I wish they would in their work give me equal justice under the law. I hate racism and discrimination based on the "color of one's skin," especially when I am the victim of it. Jim Crow has become CrowJim.
Robert Barnett
3600 Anne Street
Richmond, VA 23225

Engine 22 commander who adviced me to contact you and request No Parking Sign. Please note the new street sign recently replaced because a large truck had knocked the previous one down and someone stole it while lying at the base. (DPU records will show a replacement a few months ago.)
Mother's Car
Close call on the left. Notice the shadow of the commander becoming a traffic director. The actual final left clearance was one inch.
Wall Contact or Closeness: 1 to 5
5th before running over my steps to the street--note Crossroad drink-in-hand.
The fire engine had to jerk back and forth several times in order to twist around the illegally parked car, each time coming to rest close to or against my property wall: at least 8 times. The braking scars in the asphalt roadway indicate the sudden stops. In the end, like all large vehicles negotiating the corner, the fire engine left a groove on my grassed property and ran over my steps (which after three replacements, I used concete blocks that give rather than crack). The UPS drivers hate the corner when my neighbor's cars are illegally blocked. (The left picture is the daughter's car which arrived after the firetruck left.)
Daughter's Car: Please note how they park illegally and block the narrow street with an open door. (Please note the sign on fence advertising the childcare service. In 2010, my wife and I spent $90 buying two signs as a Christmas gift.) I wonder what she has in her trunk since she will often furtively look around before opening it.
The daughter parks halfway out into the street. Please note how as a veteran I fly the four-service flag: "All gave some. Some gave all."
I have numerous pictures of a large trucks from Crossroads Coffee using this residential street from which they should be barred because of size and weight. Again, this vehicle can make it with only the mother's car parked illegally. The daughter's car is absent. Note the date: 2014.
Ground up property from the above large truck forced onto my property by illegally parked car.
Blocking the street for personal meetings is normal which they advertise to me by noisy radio and loud talk. They don't do this in front of their house but in front of my house.
They never use the parking space in front of their house with a "no parking handicap" sign. I wonder who is handicapped based on the mobility of both mother and daugher when noisily pulling 90-gallon supercans up the hill on trash day. They use it as a pickup/drop-off zone for their childcare customers, remaining vacant most of the time on a street crammed with and destroyed by Crossroad Coffee shop overflow. 
The city needs to put up a sign at the pre-scribed state ordinance distance of 22 feet: No parking here to corner. Soon, to prevent trucks driving on my property, I am going to park on my side of the street in front of my house at 3600 Anne Street with license plates "36Anne." If anyone should have the liberty of parking on Anne Street it should be the single homeowner who owns the two lots comprising Anne Street: 3600 and 3602. A better sign would be "No parking on pavement"--a Solomanic decision that would end all future disagreements.
My neighbors are examples of mean people.
  1. If one lives within one's financial, emotional and intellectual means then one will be full of means, that is, one is meaningful.
  2. If one lives beyond one's means, one has less and less means, that is, one becomes meaningless.
  3. One's relation to one's means echos the meaning of life.
    • Are you are a creator who creates more than you consume?
    • Or, are you a cancer that destroys the system by taking more than you create?
    • To wit, are you part of time-creating solutions or part of the time-destroying problems?
  4. Meaningless people can only survive by taking from the meaningful.
  5. When no longer allowed to parasitically live beyond their means, the meaningless become meanies, e.g., my neighbors who violate more than parking laws.
  6. Meanies are what my neighbors became when I told them I would do nothing more for them because they are racists. (Over a period of years, I spent directly or indirectly $15,000 improving the quality, security and safety of my neighbor's domain.) 
  7. They would not have maligned and bullied me if the RPD had issued tickets for parking violations at my first complaint--see www.crowjimism.com.
  8. As Martin Luther King conveyed, better to be the victim than the victimizer in this case my neighbors and the RPD.
An indictment of the Richmond Police Department: Failure to write tickets
  1. This missive would never have been written if the first time I complained about illegal parking the Richmond Police Department had written a ticket. Instead, I was a victim of racial and religious discrimination. When police don't enforce the minor laws then we will have more major crimes. Some people, if they had had my on-going nightmare of mistreatment and bullying, would have resorted to violence. Not me. I am meaningful.
  2. Said Richmond police officers at different times during the calls:
    1. "I will tell them to move their car if you politely ask them to move it."
    2. "I don't write tickets on Christmas in honor of my savior and lord, Jesus Christ." (This a seed that starts religious wars.)
    3. "I'm not writing them a ticket because you don't respect them." (A Catch-22. I called because they were parked illegally. I gave $15,000 of respect until I was disrespected. )
    4. "You should get city council to approve widening your street." (Which is cheaper to correct this problem: A parking ticket or a $50,000 road contract?)
    5. "If you keep calling about this, we will at some time stop responding."
    6. Quite revealing is how the "incident" cards given to me by RPD police officers were not logged into the system--another reason for body cams ... another sign of racial discrimination by black officers against white taxpayers.
  3. When irritated by my neighbors violating laws, I stopped calling Richmond Police for the same reason that blacks in the Jim Crow era found it less distasteful to put up with illegal white actions than to have a racist white cop rubber-stamp discrimination by demeaning the complaining black man. Or, lynching. Wisely, choose your battles and your discrimination. Besides I found it funny watching the neighbors tearing up their brakes and transmissions from parking in a way that strained both. I also laughed when  watching them carrying heavy packages 40 feet instead of a few feet. There is an Aesop fable about people cutting off their noses to spite their faces.
  4. I intend to file a discrimination suit under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The financial size of the judgement sought will be proportional to my on-going mis-treatment and discrimination by the RPD. I will settle for $500,000 today to avoid seeking $5,000,000 in future litigation and will settle for two ordinances:
    1. Enforce the law: If a citizen tells an office of the law to enforce the law, he must enforce the law rather than saying he is judge and jury as well Daniel Webster.
    2. CrowJimism: If a citizen feels he is being a victim of discrimination by a police officer, uttering, "CrowJimism" will require the officer to require a superior officer of the opposite race to mediate the interaction. Officers with high citings of CrowJimism will be required to take sensitivity training classes the first time with termination at the second high citing. Besides Miranda rights we need CrowJim rights. 
  5. I am constructing a website detailing my discriminations as a springboard to stop reverse discrimination--see www.CrowJimism.com.
  6. When I say a white person should not relocate to Richmond and when I say I am leaving Richmond because of CrowJimism then I am only mirroring the Great Migration of Blacks out of the Jim Crow South because of undeserved humiliation, harassment and discrimination. Were Blacks being racist when they left Jim Crow South and when they told other Blacks not to relocate there? Nor am I a racist.
  7. To prevent damage to my property, I will soon be parking in front of my home.
Robert S. Barnett
3600 Anne Street
Richmond, VA 23225