Greetings Members of Re-Union Committee.
I make an offer to the SDHS class of 1968: A Caribbean Cruise for the 50th Year Re-union--see https://Timism.com/Media/2017/SDHS68Cruise17Oct17.htm.
I do not have the class email list as you do otherwise I would email myself. There are a few reasons why you should quickly review and inform.
  1. My new internet company shares will be given away in blocks of $20k to $200k with early birds getting the biggest amount.
  2. In a few days, I will mass mailing SIUE addresses with my proposal for the Center of Timism: The Morality of More Time.
  3. Shortly thereafter I will be emailing the 12,000 reporters on my mailing list.
  4. Maybe, help reverse climate chaos.
Please email an encouragement in your own words after you signup. More will follow if more will lead. (Hmm, I just made that up. Sounds good.)
With SIUE affiliates pursuing Timism memberships, the high ticket stock options will go fast. Thus, if you act quickly, more SDHS68'ers will get big chunks.
Please go to www.24in4.com to signup for free. At the bottom of the signup confirmation page, be sure to click on the "homestead" button. As an appreciation of your work on re-unions and to encourage you to act quickly, I offer the following bonuses in Timism (LBO/IPO value to be about $25).based on your signing up and forwarding this to your list:
  1. 1000 shares
  2. 500 shares
  3. 250 shares
  4. 100 shares
At this point, my software lets me know when people sign up. I am also posting this offer on the class website.
Best wishes,
Bob Barnett