When millions have billions in lifehour credits, we will have a problem-solving cyber-currency anchored in brainbees to reunite wealth with worth, symbols with substance, and form with function.

Regressive Bonuses to Catalyze Timism Virality

Certain public institutions are initially designated with certain Timism programs. A number of tests will determine their final status. Important is support by students, faculty, staff and alumni. In pursuit of the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from climate change, Regressive Bonuses will allocated to eligible accounts based on the domain name of the email address.

The Regressive Bonus is simple: For example, the first person to purchase a bonus receives 5000 lifehour credits which will have an eventual value of about $62,500 based on a lifehour value of about $25 (the average U.S. hourly wage). The second bonus claimant will have 4999 credits or about $62,475. (Starting lifehour bonus varies: 100,500,1000,2500, etc.)

Remember, Timism's business model involves giving away 400 to 600 million shares with a market cap of $10 to $15 billion to those who support better democracy and better capitalism via the tools of Timism. If you look at the programs, you will realize the problem-solving value is worthy of support.

There is a $1 to $10 charge which is credited as a lifehour warrant (about .4, that is, $10/$25). This fee will help Timism to pay its past and present bills.

Basically, for less than the price of a good pizza and drink, one can help oneself and fund the bigger picture: the PMI.

Remember the two goals of 24in4:

  1. By better spending our time, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.
  2. Share job time or jobless crime.

Remember this mantra: When millions have billions in lifehour credits, we will have a problem-solving cyber-currency.
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