Greetings Colleagues of Cathy Spence,

In appreciation for what was probably Cathy's greatest surprise birthday this spring by your office, I offer a unusual gift. In her own right, Cathy has been an unusual gift in my life--cute, bright and dedicated. (Might surprise you that for years we would discuss quantum mechanics in the morning as she prepared for work.) Before detailing the gift, I offer some professional details to buttress the value of the gift.

I graduated from the largest Illinois state university (29,000 students) cum laude in two years. One semester, I ace'd 24 credit hours (transcript). As an overload, I completed a year of pre-med organic chemistry in two month. In the US Navy, I scored a record high on the electronic comprehensive final exam.

As a result--unique among climate analysts--my understanding of atmospheric dynamics is electro-chemical, not computer modeling. I first wrote on climate change in 1982 predicting worsening droughts with downwind deluges--today's normal--with social, economic and political chaos/collapse from food chain destruction. All wars since 1970 have been climate change wars as well as the current 30 nations in crisis. The key factor is CO2's hydrophilia. The summary of my two dozen essays is Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule. [I mention this since part of the gift is your being highly rewarded beta-testers for my goal of publicizing a new perspective and resolution on climate change.]

By nature, I am an introverted loner .... an Asperger autist. Any exuberance is forced extroversion. Thinking is my raison d'etre. Understandibly, I am eccentric which often is negatively perceived. If you read my resume, you can think I am a liar. No, I had a thirsty sponge for a brain that valued knowledge over money. When I became successful in a new field every three to five years, I became bored and moved on.

I am launching an internet company of which I am mostly giving away to supporters of my ideas on reversing climate change, i.e., the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth. My business model is printed on the back of my transcript. Basically, I want to leave a legacy of better problem-solving tools than leave money to forgettable foundations or family fights.

When you sign up for free at, you receive five(5) shares with a target IPO of $25/share. More important is your password that allows you to read on-line essays for which you can receive 1,000 shares . Most are a few paragraphs. When you sign up, your confimation email will have the list of large gratis stock. This is a gift with no obligation in any way to use or to igknow.

This table outlines The Gift if you avail yourself of it. Each idea supported yields an email record with bookkeeping updates of your shares.

Example of Gratis Lifehour Shares ($25/share)
of start-up with 500 million shares
with $12,250,000,000 market cap
Topic Shares Total

$ Value





Business Model




Primary Moral Imperative




Ideal Lottery: 24in4




Peoples Primary




CO2: Killer Molecule


4006 $103,555

Visit Claim Free Timism Shares for more shares.

Have a happy holiday, or as I like to say, "Happy whatever makes you spend your money." Happy is as happy does--see final two lines on the back of my philosophy card.

Bob Barnett, Cathy's friend of almost half of a century.