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I am not happy with public water, could you advocate a law to subsidize my buying private bottle water? Let the poor drink the polluted stuff. I know, you're going to say people with money like me are likely the cause of widespread pollution rather than poor but life is unfair. Whether I earned my money or not is secondary to my greater right to a better life--the golden rule of economics. This good country should take care of it's monied folks, for we are the ones who pay for the campaigns. If the poor are not willing to invest in and work for a career politician dedicated to helping the wealthy, then the poor deserve the boredom of poordom --what dribbles down both in dirty jobs and dirty water. Someone should have the cream. So, in the vein of your other articles, please start preparing the country for tax supports for private water. That's what they are doing in Texas with the oil folk buying up the rights to aquifers. Smart people. Get tax credits. Don't let anyone tell you that segregating the water drinking into rich and poor is a new Jim Crow law, ya know, separate water fountains. If we can segregate education founts based on wealth like it was with the compassionate conservatives on the plantations before the great war of northern aggression, and like at Ole Miss before the civil wrongs movement, we ought to able to save the good water for the white folk, for mostly white folk can afford the private water. I know you are a smart man otherwise you wouldn't be writing for newsweek.


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