Decapitalism: No Pension, No Retirement
Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism
to cause business bankruptcies and American unemployment,
that is, decapitalize production and decapitate jobs.

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Consider the following trends:

  1. In 1980 the average retiree had almost $300,000 in defined corporate retirement benefits as a result of corporations investing a percentage of revenues into more plants and jobs. In 2013, at age 65 the average worker has less than $100,000 in a 401k, worth about $39,000 in 1980 dollars ... and cannot retire.
  2. In 1980, the top 1% of Americans owned 20% of American wealth. Now, the top 1% owns over 50%.

How did this happen? 401k's--the biggest bank robbery in history (text ... YouTube). Decapitalists legally pocketed workers' savings, pensions and retirements via stock options and IPOs. Capitalism is not  failing. Wall Streeters are failing to be capitalists.

Corporate-issued stock: Two kinds

  1. Production stocks: Stock sales build American plants and increase American jobs for economic and pension security.
  2. Bastard stocks: Stock options to insiders who sell the bastards to workers' savings and pensions. Bastard? They are symbols of capital divorced from production like a child unclaimed by a philandering father. Insiders know they bleed a company so they put their decapitalistic gains into foreign jobs or M&M's--mansions and mistresses.

Examples of bastard stocks:

  1. Google has a motto of "Do no evil." Sitting on billions of cash, the insiders keep selling their privately printed stash of stock options into pension funds. Did Google buy the $50 million private jet for Sergey and Larry? No. Through bastard stocks and disappearing pensions, American workers bought the plane: Do the boys fly with a wife? A mistress? Or, less? The most evil thing is to steal a person's job, hope and future which is what decapitalists do. And, is this not funny: the "do no evil" boys claim they take no money from Google as they work for only $1 a year. Give me the keys to the bank and I will forgo a salary! These two googlers giggle to the keyless decapitalist bank to legally rob the clueless workers' pensions
  2. The Bile Guts and Malignant Guts Foundation spends billions to increase over-population overseas. Why? To buy a Nobel Prize. Did billions come from Maggotsoft? No, from the sale of bastard stocks to foolish American workers. Bile Guts is the world's richest legal thief. Guts' employees are accomplices in this massive bank robbery; grant recipients are guilty of receiving stolen goods. Long before this logic becomes legal the economic legacy of decapitalism will have destroyed courts and all civil and criminal litigation.
  3. Public financing of elections: Do you think the billions spent by fat cats under the Supreme Court "anything goes without public records" are dollars from savings accounts? No, they are generated by the sale of bastard stocks into workers' pensions: This is de facto financing of elections:
    1. For her unsuccessful California gubernatorial bid, Meg Whitman (of eBay and HP) cashed in $142 million of her stock options--see YouTube.
    2. Earlier in California, a Walmart heir spent $500,000 on a county superintendent's race which had previously recorded only $2,000 as the most money spent. (His candidate lost!)
    3. The Las Vegas mogul (Adelson) spent $150 millions in the 2012 elections. Did he win the money at the craps tables? Or, did he legally steal it from workers' pension funds?
    4. The US Supreme Courts "anything goes" is an example of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values. Don't they study history?
  4. Public financing of Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post. Do you think he had $250 million just laying around? Or, did he sell stock to pension funds? Or, put up as collateral. Will the Post be pro- or anti-internet tax? No more than they were anti-"for-profit" universities since 90% of profits came from Kaplan Education. If you want to get rich, do the following: Start a company, buy a politician, buy an economist, and buy a newspaper. Those who control the present control the past and the future.
  5. When you hear about millions of dollars buying antique cars and ancient artwork, the buyers are using your money if you have a 401k plan via their stock options and IPOs. Hyper-inflation of prestige items is fueled by middle-class savings, penstions and lost-retirements.
  6. Bastard stocks are the death certificates of America and its dream. Would Detroit be in bankruptcy proceedings if the auto-industry insiders were not cooking books for quick bucks from their bastard stock options?

Gang-Banging Decapitalists

Decapitalist are not content with the pace of unearned wage-taking by annual stock options to insiders. They have developed gangbang financial rape of American workers--the IPO which means Insiders Phooling Outsiders. Consider this IPO question and analogy of how Wall Stealers have hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism: Can you buy a car, house or anything with the intent of photocopying the title so as to sell it to 10 or 100 people? No. Private equity funds do this when they "recapitalize" a corporation by multiplying the market shares for an IPO.

While it is illegal for you to photocopy a share of stock, it is not illegal for private equity funds to multiply the shares as much as they want.

  1. Wm. Simons, Nixon't Treasury Secretary, put up about $300,000 in a partnership to buy the second largest gift card company (Gibson). Eighteen months later, it was sold to a group of pensions from which Simon was paid some $60 million. Wall Stealers are smarter and dirtier than your average pension managers who often go to work for the equity fund after the deal (like congressmen who go to work for companies for whom they passed favorable laws).
  2. Mormoney Romney:
    1. When Staples' stock was selling on the market for $1.30 per share, Romney said in court that he thought it was really only worth $.001 per share. Thus, Bain DeCapital received 1300 shares for each $1.30 that Staples had borrowed from Bain. Magic math like the Federal Reserve thin-air creation of billions of inflationary dollars to buy bonds.
    2. Bain DeCapital bought Dunkin Donut for about $2.5 billion. Immediately, assets were hocked for the purchase price. A special "recapitalisation" dividend loan of about $500 million was obtained. At an IPO, another billion dollars was obtained. So, altogether, Bain did not sell a single donut but received $3.5 billion with a remaining 58% ownership of stock in Dummkopf Donuts. Dunkin Donut TV ads are not about food sells but fool shares. Many ads on TV are not to sell products but Insiders Phooling Outsiders: IPOs! I donot donut at Dummkopf's.
  3. These examples are only two out of thousands of Wall Stealers who orchestrated in a few decades the transfer of an estimated $50 trillion from many Main Street workers to Wall Street players. Free enterprise? No, thief enterprise. If this is capitalism then it is capitalism for a fewer few.

It is a lie to say a corporation is holding an IPO. In truth, corporate insiders use the corporate name to legally ream the middle-class. And, if a company was previously publicly traded, how can it be an "Initial Public Offering" since the stock had been previously offered for public trade? Sounds like the grey-haired street-walker advertising herself as a virgin.

Consistently, key players have MBA sheepskins--Masters of Bankrupting America or Masters of Business Assassinations.

  1. If I give you a gun, does it make you good or bad? Depends. Depends on how you use the gun.
  2. If I give you stocks and bonds, most would say you are a capitalist. Depends. If you decapitalize production and decapitate jobs you are not a capitalist.

And, they know they are stealing: "Of course, what we were really doing, in my view, and I've thought about this a lot, was taking earnings or value that should've gone to the shareholders and bringing it unto ourselves." (Jerome Kohlberg, KKR founder, Harvard MBA)

While our economic rivers of wealth are muddied and drained mostly by the Res Pubers, decapitalism barely differentiates the two major parties: Thieving liars vs. lying thieves. Rahm Emmanual (close buddy of Prez Barack, ex-White House Chief of Staff, ex-Congressman, Democratic Mayor of Chicago) decapitalized $16 million in two years between his stint in Congress and chiefing for Obama. Larry Summers (Harvard, Sec. Treasury, Chair of Economic Council, candidate to replace Bernanke at Federal Reserve) drained $5 million from workers in 16-months at a hedge fund.

From whence cometh the decapitalist wolves rampaging in capitalist sheepskins? Thank the business schools and business professors. Thank the economists who justify decapitalism thereby proving that "adled minds are the wasteshops of economists."

Can you rape the willing?

Workers are not without blame. America has become a nation of players instead of workers . Americans are learning that all play and no politics make Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demise--see SOTA, 2011. Americans have lifestyles that prefer Pittsburg Steelers over Pittsburg steel workers. Because they do not question when promised something-for-nothing, they have less and less on the road to nothingness.

Politicians offer voters "saltwater solutions" (text ... Youtube) which quench the immediate thirst for a problem solution but worsens the problem in the long-term like a thirsty person drinking saltwater:

  1. Tax-free purchase of school supplies up to $3000 before school starts in the fall: Who spends $3000 on school supplies and who makes up the lost tax revenues? The Rich? The Poor? The Middle-class!
  2. 529 college savings plans are Ponzi schemes that taxpayers are guaranteeing (text ... YouTube). Who pays the bureaucratic operating cost and ticking timebomb costs? R? P? or M?
  3. 401ks are the biggest bankrobbery in history? Who loses the most? The poor who have nothing to lose? The rich who gain from 401ks buying stock options and IPOs? Or, the middle-class working slobs?

Pension managers who buy bastard stocks are guilty of numerous crimes against workers, humanity and life. Complaining about 401k fees is like bellyaching about peeling pain on a sinking ship or protesting the noise of arsonists instead of stopping their burning down your house. Are the fee-complaining acadamics and germalists paid to be financial montebanks to distract the passengers and homeowners?

When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

We need new faces for these old problems. We need an end to the money dictators who decide who is on the ballot: The rest of us vote for either a thieving robber or a robbing thief. This is not democracy. Habitual politicians, like Wall Stealers, have hijacked the terms and tools of democracy to hide their despotic abuse of democracy.

Incumbents are not professional politicians since they do not speak (fess) the words to take us forward (pro)--no pro fessing at all. If they are going to fess, they should fess-up at a confessional. Cuz of their habitual re-election addiction, their habitual fibs to us, and their habitual waste of our taxes, we should call 'em habitual politicians. Geo. W. Bush was an exception since daddy was a habitual politician; thus W was a son of a habitual politician. In times of worsening habitual problems, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician. Worse than a do-nothing Congress is a do-worse Congress.

Similar to the hijackers of capitalism and democracy are the warpers of religious morality. Mohammed's morality was a system that encoded and enforced Rodney King's "Why can't we just get along." Would he tolerate the whoppers of jihadists who have hijacked his Koranic teachings for personal aggrandizement? Likewise with the religious funnymentalists who picket military funerals saying that combat deaths are God's punishment for allowing homosexuals in the military. Would Jesus picket with them?

If the average person questioned more often then they would have the morality of more time instead of more worries. In unrelentingly and systemically disrupting and destroying the stability and security of our economic body and the body politic, decapitalism is the dioxin or HIV of social and cultural chaotic collapse. Fearful, anxiety-ridden commoners increasingly grasp at promises of something-for-nothing to which they would otherwise not give the time of day let alone all their daily time.

Decapitalists and despots metastasize the political, economic and social chaos that cheapens of our lives. This cheapening is indexed by one simple, common measure which means cheaping: inflation. Inflation cheapens your wages and savings that fuels unemployment which cheapens your life with more crime. Inflation's linguistic cousins convey cheapening: flattery and flatulence.

Thanks to Wall Steal decapitalists and Washington money dictators, we are in an existential meltdown (text ... Youtube) of our problem-solving institutions: finance, employment, retirement, education, family, etc. Only better democracy and better capitalism can bring this about. At, please visit brainbees and lifehours for how we can fairly and freely use brainbees to find the best problem-solvers and problem-solutions with lifehours being the ultimate, honest and absolute currency that transcends the boundaries of centuries and politicians.

With capitalism, we will have more jobs, less crime, lower living costs, pensions and retirements. With decapitalism, we will have fewer jobs, more crime, more inflation, no savings and endless work till we die. Three little laws can stop Wall Steal decapitalism.
Capitalism is not failing. Will you continue to fail to defend capitalism and defeat decapitalism? If you fail, you fail yourself, your family, your hope and your future. Please help by doing the following:
  1. Email this to 25 friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers as well as to your local news outlets. Besides working to increase your dollar savings, you want to spend time insuring those saved dollars are not stolen by Wall Stealers. A viral email campaign is the cheapest and easiest way to increase the value of your savings and pensions.
  2. Don't vote anyone who is not anti-decapitalist.
  3. Signup for an account with which you can participate in brainbees and earn lifehours in ending decapitalism and despotism.
  4. Follow this effort at twitter@24in4WorkWeek to learn how we can organize for better healthcare, loan refinancing, and full employment.

Compiled and authorized by Bob Barnett, Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, #69 District.(Achievements ... Resume ... Goals)

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