Disgust: Better Is Needed

While it is true that "when ..." it is equally true that "What we do in our homes is more important than what is done in the halls of congress." Neither the home nor the Halls are leading the other forward. America is going in the wrong direction not only because of habitual politicians but because of habitual scumnuts: Americans who want something for nothing.

America is going in the wrong direction because Americans have the wrong values, e.g., the play pathos instead of the work ethic. Americans idea of the work ethic is receiving a paycheck from a job they hate. This is not the work ethic. The work ethic is solving the real problems of existence that involve the necessities of life. As there is no honor among thieves so is there no work ethic among the habitual players in sports, games and gambling. To claim the work ethic in the latter is akin to calling pedophilia good parenting.

Americans have not only willingly allowed themselves to be lied to but persist in repeating and chanting these lies so that in quantity of self-lying they have convinced themselves that they have a truth. For instance, the claim that one is owed a pension because one "paid into it." If your car needs five gallons of gas to make a hundred mile trip and you put only one gallon in the gas tank, it is a waste of time to stand by the side of your car at milepost twenty and say, "But I paid into it." Stop talking. Start walking. Stop lying. Start questioning.

Americans are learning first-hand that the Socratic maxim of "the unquestioned life is not worth living" is more than idle moral thought--it is an economic law. If you do not question your values then your immoral values will continue to plague your life costing your time and money. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of bad values. America and Americans are going in the wrong direction because of bad values in homes and Halls.

As the economic reality and future has become self-evident to more and more people, the media has been portraying "victims" of the economic crisis. Whether encountering these "victims" on TV or in person, this writer has consistently and immediately recognized how personal values of the victims were pivotal in their losing their economic security. In all cases, there was no acknowledgement of personal blame for their plight.

For this writer, long concluding and dreading the downward spiral, long ago from his questioning he had concluded the need to live like a baby chicken: cheap, cheap, cheap. While he has issues worthy of self-disgust in which he is a scumnut living beyond his emotional and mental means, his questioning and life choices reduced his exposure to the escalating economic and environmental storms. Instead of paying several hundred dollars for a large flat screen TV as he saw neighbors do, he bought an electric generator. Guess who had electrical power for lights, refrigerator, furnace, etc., when the power lines went down for several days? Are powerless homeowners with large plasma TV's victims when the lights go out?

America is a nation of victims feeling entitled to the means of other people so as to live beyond their means. The national debt of over 15 trillion dollars (2012) is an index of how Americans have lived beyond their means. Unfortunately, in a nation of about 300 miliion people, a tally of self-professed victims yields a total of 1.2 billion victims. The nation debt is understandable when each person feels they are a four-time victim who deserves something free to assuage their victimhood.

Abraham Lincoln said that we cannot know where to go or how to get there if at first we do not know where we are at. Likewise, America and Ameicans cannot reverse the wrong direction of decline without first developing an appropriate and a motivational degree of self-disgust. As long as Americans blame others for their plight, they will not look inward to find how they are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Unfortunately, the traditional "moral leaders" claim a similar mandate wherein they encourage people to look inward to find the reality-obscuring and ignoring self-lies.

Rescue for self-victims will not be found in the pews before the pulpit piedpipers who preach that the economic mess is part of "God's" plan to test the faith of his flock. What kind of compassionate God is this? If there is power in prayer, why has the rising rate of prayer not reversed the existential meltdown? Illogical aliens praying to non-existent problem-solvers are problem-ignorers at best and problem-causers more often. Will they question themselves sufficiently to break the bonds of their self-enslavement to the lies killing life on earth?

True believers in the power of prayer go off to hilltops to pray until starvation releases their eternal soul from their temporary secular body. Unlike the early years of Christianity, there are few, if any, true believers today. Contributing to the accolade of  "illogical aliens" is the hypocrisy of religious leaders and followers. While proclaiming the greatness of the hereafter they greedily try to control the secular world. Illogial aliens want their cake and to eat it too, that is, believe in something better hereafter while getting the better of the here and now. Nowhere is this more obvious than the Christian Businessman, to wit: "the worst product ever produced in the United States." (H.L. Mencken).

To try to pin an illogical alien down is an instance of the Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty, Alcoholic Wackmoles, and HumptyDumptyism. Like the Principle, the target of one's questions keeps changing position so one does not know where the person is or where the person is going. If one has ever had a conversation with an alcoholic, one knows how the alky has pat, practices answers to all questions, e.g., "I am not an alcoholic, and, if I am, I can quit anytime." Likewise with illogical aliens who find no self-disgust in the pat, practiced citations from questionable sources, e.g., "The Bibles says ..." (This is like the habitual politicians constantly intoning "The American people ...") As Humpty Dumpties, illogical aliens live the lies of whatever they say or believe is true even if it contradicts what they just said, that is, the beauty of their beliefs is in the absurdities, the contradictions. and the promises--they cannot be lies because they are too big to fail humanity ... die grosse luge.

In weighing whether "What needs to be done will not be done," the scale reader sadly recognizes the failure of sufficent self-disgust will translate in people going down the wrong paths with their time and money. America and humanity will stop global dying because the worsening existential meltdown will prompt more and more people to turn to the old and new opium of the masses: religion and play. Instead of the self-lies of half-gods and all-play, humanity needs to question so as to arrive at a necessary degree of self-disgust as a motivational re-director of human endeavor.

also see Better Disgust

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