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Why I know how to reverse the drought: Resume ... Achievements ... Climate Chaos Essays, 1982 onward(15)

It is important to note that the ransom loan is for ending the drought not just for water-conservation for which California has allocated a billion dollars. If you review the following links, you will find the ransom demand and solution more viable and economical (0.5% of $1 billion). After receiving the loan, I will provide a ten-point plebiscite for Californians to vote on at their elementary schools on a Sunday (plebiscite mechanics). Also, I offer a recall referendum for all California habitual politicians who publicly denounce the ransom demand. Loan payment is via a Veterans Volunteer Service. (Essay on drought and ransom)

Boiling Pot Analogy: From its intense, rising hydrophilic CO2-sinning of fossil-fuel foolishness and fires, California is like a pot of boiling water. Moisture rises that condenses suddenly on cool surfaces. Downwind in the Midwest and on the East Coast, California's displaced rainfall becomes the floods that destroy hundreds and thousands of dollars in home, business, and infrastructure for each dollar of West Coast fire damage.

Besides promoting a plebiscite to cut California's CO2-sinning, a parallel effort is being made to organize downwind states (suffering from California-originated deluges and floods) to institute a multi-state class action suit to force California to cut its CO2 generation by 50%. (Signup for class action suit--more info.)

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Remember that on a sinking ship,

  1. Apathy is suicide,
  2. Cheerleading play is homicide, and,
  3. Preaching igknowance is genocide.

Bearable sacrifices will prevent unbearable suffering.


Bob Barnett

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