California Ten-Point Plebiscite
to End Drought

Awaiting $5 million ransom loan.

Veterans Volunteer Service Payment Mode

Failure to implement the changes will lead to urban and eco-terrorism without precedence. The CO2-sinners unstopped by public officials will become the targets of lone wolf terrorists. California is on the verge of spinning out of control. Watts and Compton are nothing like California's becoming Syria-on-the-Pacific. It will be an economic earthquake off the Richter scale in its impact on commerce. Needed food will rot in the disappearing fields for the lack of truck drivers willing to risk their lives.

Personal note: Like Mother Nature, I don't care what you do. I can enjoy women as beauty queens or as mud wrestlers. I find your self-delusions and igknowance disgusting. If I could live comfortably and safely without backflush from your self-caused problems, I would simply enjoy the view rather than act.

(Please note that this is an example of how the specific solutions of timism has a price: The general improvement in public policy-making via better democracy and capitalism, e.g., plebiscites. No plebiscite, no solution.)

Impeach Governor Jerry Brown  ... Downwind Class Action Suit against California