Greetings Flood Victims:

If you understand the following analogy as well as the numerous supportive/explantory links, you have not only a class action suit against the State of California but cause for a cease and desist of California's energy policies that are destroying your homes, businesses and infrastructures--see California Drought Ransom Demand.
Boiling Pot Analogy: From its intense, rising hydrophilic CO2-sinning of fossil-fuel foolishness and fires, California is like a pot of boiling water. Moisture rises that condenses suddenly on cool surfaces. Downwind in the Midwest and on the East Coast, California's displaced rainfall becomes the floods that destroy hundreds and thousands of dollars in home, business, and infrastructure for each dollar of West Coast fire damage.

While the wildfires that burn a few homes are bad, they are not as damaging as the millions or billions of dollars in damage from downwind deluges and floods.  States have been forced to cut their interstate pollution, e.g., sulfur emissions. It is time to force states to cut their CO2 generation that causes in-state fires and interstate floods.

We need a class action suit against California. If you would like to participate in a class action suit against California, please signup.

On a sinking ship,

  1. Apathy is suicide,
  2. Cheerleading play is homicide, and,
  3. Preaching igknowance is genocide.

Bearable sacrifices will prevent unbearable suffering. Please share with a family, friend and media.


Bob Barnett

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