Atlantic Coast Pipeline will cause California-type
droughts and megafires on Atlantic Coastline:
How and Why

Impact of rising CO2 on dynamic systems found on Planet Earth
(Research essays by Bob Barnett)

  1. 1982 Droughts Forever: Predicts longer droughts with downwind deluges--destroys foodchain.
  2. 2000 Global Dying: Downwind droughts from all major global oil fields (on-going)
  3. 2003 AlphaTrifecta: Autism, ADHD, Alzheimers increase due to rise in CO2.
  4. 2007 Bees Dying, Colony Collapse due to CO2 dessicating bees
  5. 2012 Organic Thesis of CO2: Climate Extremes and Contradictions
  6. 2012 Midwest Drought began as Rocky Mountain megafires
  7. 2012 Mother Nature does not care about us if we do not care about her
  8. 2014 Fusion/fission: Dynamics of atmospheric CO2.
  9. 2015 Spring Midwest Floods began as and sustained by California CO2-Driven Drought.
  10. 2015 CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule

Atmospheric/weather dynamics are analyzed as electro/chemical processes not computer phrenology.

  • 1969 Scored record high on US Navy electronic school comprehensive final.
  • 1971 9-month pre-med Organic Chemistry completed in 2 months.
  • 1972 Completed UG at So.Il.-Edwardsville in 2 years cum laude ... one semester, aced 24 hours. Achievements.
  • 1974 Graduate studies in neurosciences and physiology--CO2 metabolic effects were main interest.

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The Primary Moral Imperative is saving life on earth from climate change.

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