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Cost of Humanity To Mother Nature: Living vs. Lying

The cost of humanity to Mother Nature is the damage we humans do to Mother Nature. The most grevious sin is CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule. Our CO2 sins fall into two category, the cost of living and the cost of lying.

  1. The cost of living is the CO2 from producing the necessary items for life, our needs.
  2. The cost of lying is the CO2 from metastasizing the unneeded items of life, our wants.

Too often we allow our wants to dominate and destroy our needs.

This dichotomy is echoed in the difference between work and play. If one is willing to bastardize the language to justify one's falsehoods, one can say that players have the work ethic. They don't. The have the play pathos.

If we are to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change, we need to "de-time" our wants and "re-time" our needs. The annual college basketball tournament is appropriately titled, "March Madness." It is mad to orchestrate increased CO2-sinning for play.

One poster player for college mis-priorities is the state of Colorado which is dreading the upcoming fire season. Over 800 million trees are dead, dry timber. Student athletes burning up the courts are burning up their futures. Are Colorado's habitual politicians and college presidents organizing students, staff, parents and alumni to save Colorado? Or, are they organizing play events to which millions annually drive their gas-guzzling, CO2-sinning cars? As has been said of Australia and Alberta, "Burn, Colorado, Burn--You deserve it."

Before the unending droughts and heatwaves devastate the Northern Hemisphere, the Regional Lottery of Global Warming will continue to wreak havoc on different regions: Sin today, suffer tomorrow.

Colorado reflects why we are in an accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown. Sure, the Trumpies are environmentally corrupt, incompetent hypocrites. But, more importantly, so are the millions of humanity who obsess on play including most, if not all, of the readers.

In Virginia, school officials turn a blind eye to teachers and staff, en masse, calling in sick to attend a black basketball tournament. Did breaking the color barrier in sports distract and derail black progress? The only real winners were the white team owners who wanted blacks' ticket dollars.

Not alone is Virginia in misplaced priorities: News account claim more people filled out "brackets" than voted in the last presidential election. Not this worker.

America is the only nation in the world with advertisement-driven competitive sports in its education system. The results are obvious. From top five placement in math and science in the 1970s, the U.S. today is to beyond thirty.

Math matters. More play means less learning, means less means and means meaningless wasted minds. Sadly, the organization initiated in 1909 to elevate better-tanned Americans in social, economic and political status has chosen to enchain and waste young minds to the emotional, economic lottery of play, play, play. When querried in the 1980s why he donated to black youth sports, a racist white philantropist said, "To keep them on the other side of the track and in poverty." Math matters.

The claim that sports is a ticket out of the ghetto is a half-truth like "igknowance is bliss." Igknowance is bliss until the igknowed problems blitz your life. Likewise, play is a ticket out of the ghetto, mostly a round-trip ticket. A short-track round-trip.

Given the thousands of former footballers seeking after-the-play, court-ordered funding, play is just that, play with no long-term benefits. All this playful CO2 sinning had no lasting savings. White racists do not need to keep blacks in poverty, daylabor pools, prisons or riots. Black math does a sufficient job.

The play-obsessed will decry this as a racist rant.  For Mother Nature, it is a plea for less play, for more work and for semantic honesty.

To save life on earth, we need all to focus on the Primary Moral Imperative, not reliving days wasted in play within education without an education. If ever we have Nuremberg II trials for crimes against life on earth, the play cheerleaders will be the first tried, convicted, and de-timed: Al Roker (19??), Jim Duncan(1982,2005), Andrew Friedman(2005), classroom piedpiper, all sportscasters and all newsanchors.

In summary, while igknowance of the law is no excuse, igknowance of Mother Nature's laws is no escape.

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