Day 3--Government: Reforms ... Tax Reform ... VoteTime

Goverment Reforms: Brainbees are the key

  1. The best government is the least government only if we better self-govern: Brainbees are the guideposts
  2. When politicians make good policy then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
  3. We need both term limits and Women 50/50.
  4. Saltwater solutions dominate political solutions, a quick fix that leads to worsening problems.
  5. Like too many of human decisions, individual and group, people choose to win a battle though it means losing the war, e.g., individual lives at the cost of life on earth from climate change.
  6. Fines in Time: Does a millionaire care about a $50 speeding ticket that could kill someone? Traffic tickets should be in hours of wages so the financial impact is the same for a minimum-wage worker and a hedge fund manager.
  7. Congressional Congresses: Replace two-party habitual politicians with grass-root part-timers who live and vote from home via the internet.
  8. Only better democracy (brainbees) and better capitalism (lifehour) can reverse our accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown.
  9. Re-district legislative districts based on economic prosperity, not habitual politicians' re-election addiction.
  10. Civil Trinity Benefits: How 24in4 helps civilization's needed trio--Teachers, Policemen and Firemen
  11. OneTyme: Orderly public discourse.
  12. New United States of America: Principles ... Elections ... Employment and Education.

Tax Reform:

  1. Profit-sharing taxation: Half of collected taxes remain at each level beginnng with the elementary collection economy.
  2. Igknowance taxation: Tax igknowance to stop igknowance taxing us, to wit, Igknowance is bliss until the igknowed problems blitz your life.
  3. Distraction taxation: Activity that distracts us from solving our problems should be taxed out of existence.
  4. Direct taxation: Income taxes indirectly takes 40% of our time. If we want community services in work-depressed areas, we need to take time directly from able-people.
  5. New United States of America: Taxes


  1. A simple, universal, quality-controlled vote counting system using any old Windows computer (5 million trashed each month), any old printer, and any old scanner.
  2. Print/mark ballot at home.
  3. Prints vote receipt for voter to check votes on-line.
  4. Home printed ballots QC'd later by high speed scanner for electonic tally comparison.
  5. Lifehour 'lottery' awards for random winner: elementary(10), district (100), state(1,000) and national (10,000).
  6. Simplicity and quickness reduces number of polling places to elementary schools.
  7. No need to spend $13 to $15 billion to replace voting machines purchased after 2000 election debacle.
  8. Will work in any nation with SuperBrainbee--part of Timism goal to export democracy.