Day 7--Existence GuidePosts: : Choice ... Speed of Light ... Meaning of Life ... VA Gulag .. Decapitalism

Choice: Rights or Wrongs ... Freedom or Self-slavery

  1. There are no a priori rights or wrongs, freedoms or self-slavery, only choices of action.
  2. The a posteriori time-value of one's choices determines if one exercised a right or freedom or exercised a wrong or self-slavery.
  3. There are choices of freedom or choices of self-slavery.
  4. For instance, predestrians legally have the right-of-way. If one chooses to walk blindly into rush-hour traffic depending on this legal right, one may find their legal right to be existentially dead-right.
  5. Choosing hate-speech is not a freedom of speech.
  6. Choosing to play and game instead of work and learn is not freedom, but self-slavery.

Speed of Light: The linear speed of light is an epiphenomenon of the rotational speed and precession angle of basic particle of matter.

Meaning of Life:

  1. Your means are the time you create or destroy.
  2. If you live within your means, you will be full of means thus meaningful.
  3. If you live beyond your means, you will have less means thus becoming meaningless.
  4. The meaning of life is to create more: No creation, no life.
  5. The Meaningful are creators. The Meaningless are cancers.
  6. The Meaningless can only survive by legally or illegally taking from the Meaningful.
  7. When told to stop taking, the Meaningless become meanies.
  8. The meaning of our words are creative or cancerous. They have positive or negative time value. Lies and hate are negative.
  9. One's meaning is found in questioning how to be a creative force.
  10. A meaningful person's means and ends are singular as one lives in the present, optimally creating now and next.
  11. A meaningful life is measured in memories of one being a creative giver not a cancerous taker.

Veterans Administration Gulag: The V.A. is a necrotic culture needing three reforms. A new V.A. secretary is like replacing the serial killer's stocking cap with a baseball cap.


  1. Wall has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to cause bankruptcy and unemployment, i.e., decapitalize and decapitate production.
  2. Capitalism is a victim of identity theft.
  3. If you buy a house and triplicate the title to sell to three people, you go to jail. If do the same with a corporation and call the counterfeited paper "stock options" then you go on vacation.
  4. History of decapitalism:
    1. Originally, stock corresponded to money invested to buy stock.
    2. Outsiders or insiders counterfeit stock went to jail: "JAY GOULD made his fortune as a direcor of New York's Erie line by issuing $64 million in fradulent stock. In 1874 he took his boodle West, bought control of both the U.P. and Kansas Pacific, sold the K.P. at $10 million profit and used the monety to establish a fabulously lucrative rail rempire in the Southwest." [The Railroaders--Time Life books]
    3. Insiders started over-printing shares to increase market cap.
    4. Some were sold to raise money for new plants and new jobs.
    5. Insiders started self-giving "stock options" which they then sold to public--a economic rape of new and old shareholders. No money went for corporate plants and jobs, only jobs for M&M's--mansions and mistresses.
    6. Hedge funds and private equity firms buy corporations and flip them into pension funds and 401ks by "recapitalize" them by a factor of five or more stock counterfeits. They sell enough stock to pay off the loans obtained from banks and pensions. Thereafter, they bleed the stock into the market thereby bleeding savings and pensions. This is economic gangbang rape of middle-class pensions.--JAY GOULD'ers!
    7. The money from flipping a house is nothing compared to flipping a corporation, e.g., Seagate, 4 times.
    8. This is how Mormoney Romney and the Sage of Omaha built their wealth, legally stealing retirement money by legally counterfeiting stock. When Buffet in June, 2017, said his kind was the cause of America's problems he was talking about the tip of the iceberg not his business model. JAY GOULD'ers!
  5. Decapitalism is the economic bloodshed killing America.
  6. Taxing decapitalists is like letting bankrobbers keep the loot if they give a few percent of the money to the government.
  7. MBA--Master of Business Assassination or Master of Bankrupting America.
  8. Capitalism is not failing because it is nowhere near the biggest bank robbery in history: 401ks.
  9. Timism has the three simple roadmap guideposts to stop decapitalism and resurrect capitalism.

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