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Fraud Finders: Civil Workers

If you have ever used the Freedom of Information Act or read about whistle blowing laws, you know we need a new way to ferret out the tax-wasting fraud of the habitual politicians. The FOIA is farce . These two hamstrung laws don't lend themselves to revealing the political fraud that takes taxes dollars out of our retirement, requiring us to work longer and harder. Wouldn't this money better help civil workers in serving you? How many public assistants have never been hired because the money has gone to the habitual politicians' friends? 

Public service will improve when the habitual politicians are put out to pasture. How? Better Democracy and Capitalism. On-line democracy can provide the forum to open the pasture gates: Fraud Finders.

We will be able to compete in spelling out how the habitual politicians are ripping off the public. Anonymity will be maintained. Lifehour tax credits will be granted. Part of cutting taxes is helping the public servants use their knowledge to remove political fat. Whistle blowers should be protected and rewarded. Means should be provided by which they can share knowledge of the thievery so it can be stopped.

By sharing how habitual politicians steal, more civil servants will become proficient in noting and publicizing the theft.

Visit Personal Democracy, Fraud Finders for submission.

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