Donate/Loan Options: Two-fers, One lifehour warrant for each lifehour credit.

Until cashflow covers administrative cost, all donations are two-fers, that is, the donor receives lifehour warrants which are repaid from future cashflow and lifehour credits which are redeemable for Timism goods and services including future tax credits after Timism's LBO/IPO day.

  1. Angels: $2-$2500 (Two-Fers)
  2. Farage Nigel: You owe me $250,000
  3. Patrons: (future) Million dollar loans for specific projects and to be advertised sponsor.
    1. Brainbees (Super Brainbee)
    2. VoteTime
    3. Elementary Democracy
    4. Disaster Management
    5. Nation Starter
    6. PSTD
  4. PIIGS: Unite or Be Butchered
  5. States and national Rights
  6. Buy An Ad
  7. Veterans Tree Service