Profit-Sharing Annual Revenues

Projected Cash Influx of Timism

This is a shovel-ready business plan many years in the making.

All payments to Timism are treated as loans with two measurements assigned to the supporter's account: Lifehour warrants and credits (called two-fers). Lifehours are a cyber-currency designed to reward those who use Timism's problem-solving brainbees. Brainbees are like spellingbees in which participants participate in a hierarchical peer review process of elimination to find the winner(s). Brainbees have numerous public and private applications, e.g., Citizen Legislation, Zero-cost primaries, JobTime, Civility Brainbees, etc.

Brainbees are the super-highway to government of, by and for the people. They find the person with the Einstein Moment for the biggest problem of the moment. Lifehours reward the problem-solver(s). Lifehours unite the symbols of wealth with the substance of worth. Essential to the following projected cashflow is Timism's Business Model as an internet start-up giving 400 to 600 million shares to supporters of the Tools of Timism for better democracy and capitalism.




Primary Moral Imperative


People's Primary: Creation of Timists


Citizen Legislation


Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule


Constitutional Amendment: Timists' List of Reforms to fulfill Primary Moral Imperative to save life on Planet Earth

per 1,000,000
after the
first free 1,000,000

After the first free 1,000,000 initial supporters, each additional person pays one hour wages, a national average of about $25. Why would people pay a dollar to have a timism account? See, that is, "By better employing our time we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world."

Either we share job time or jobless crime.

24in4 Key questions that will prompt citizens to support Timism and 24in4.

  1. If 24in4 could weekly lower your cost of living by 8 hours, would you be willing to work 8 hours less so as to share available, needed worktime?
  2. If 24in4 could offer you better health coverage, would you be willing to weekly volunteer 8 hours in a needed, productive, quantifiable community service instead of working 8-hours on a job for health insurance?


Navy vs. Army vs. Air Force : For a limited time, active military personnel have a monopoly on homestead bonuses beginning with $400,000 (100 total) regressing to $20,000.,


Zero-cost primaries for Federal and State offices (executive and legislative) (actual script to be linked later)


Regressing Bonus: Seven University Management Teams for seven major Timism services.


Civility Brainbees: Turn riotous public meetings into problem-prioritizing learning events. Private companies and public entities can use them for seminars and workshop to address the primary issues first.

Millions annually

JobTime and MarketTime: Using brainbees to cut the cost of hiring and assessing by  90%


Emergency Financial loan: Current, 25:1 return on loan with a matching lifehour credit bonus.


Endow a higher or lower education system. For $100, you receive one lifehour credit each time someone at the start of the signup process votes for your endowment. Some universities will have six-figure voters as well as some school systems, e.g., Broward County Florida with 250,000 students.


International Expansion (230 nations): A crowdfunding webpage is provided by which citizens in foreign nations can have Timism's benefits of better democracy and better capitalism. Setup time is less than hour based on standardized formats.


Super-Brainbee: Every public and private decision-making body from the smallest company/village to the largest corporation/nation has two variables that make any problem-solving body unique: The two-letter ICANN code and the postal code of the building in which the decisions are made. Thus, a simple standardize problem-solving process to all of humanity.


Healthcare Reform Plebiscite


CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.


Funders: Guaranteed credit lines for Timism expansion ($5,000,000 each)
  1. Better democracy via brainbees.
  2. Elementary democracy to redefine/reform cities.
  3. Veterans Administration: Chocolate-Vanilla Tree Service.
  4. VoteTime

Funders receive $5,000,000 in Timism lifehour credits (about 200,000) even if the whole credit line is not utiliized.

It is important to note that Timism has standardized cookie-cutter management hierarchies by which a organizational structures can be completed in a few minutes with interested parties prioritizing job winners via JobTime. The originator of Timism will not be the CEO but the start-up coordinator.