Class Actions Litigation Funds

Because habitual politicians receive large campaign contributions from industries--who often want to remain anonymous--it is important for Americans to organize themselves to stop certain problems. If you would like to help litigate one of the following with more to come from the Class Action Brain Bee, make a donations. Any settlement will be divided among the plaintiffs. Remember lifehours will eventually be used for paying taxes, home downpayments, and college tuition as well as traded. In the meantime, we will start solving old problems as well as prevent new or re-do problems.

Investing in litigation costs for a part of the proceeds is not without precedents. The difference between ambulance chasers and timistic funds is that a little person can benefit. In many ways, investing in litigation to solve a problem with a part of the settlement is like an investment or retirement fund. The benefit of fertilising problem-solving litigation is that your money will be worth more because inflationary pressure has been reduce specifically and generally by solving a problem.

Caveats on Credit Card Payments:

Click the button to which you want to donate to the litigation fund. For more information click on the topic link. The goal is $1 million to initiate litigation.

Who and Why Current Funds
Alaska Airlines $
Bridgestone-Firesone $
Ford Motor Company $
Global Drying/Oil Droughts $
Tobacco $
GG $
VF $

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