Warning: Honesty, not Thievery

The Press for Better Democracy and Capitalism involves an honor system in recording effort. One can easily claim credit where credit is not due. As our present system shows, the lack of requiring honesty and responsibility results in massive wasting time and money: locks, policemen and prisons. Anyone found to abuse this process for Better Democracy and Capitalism will be forever denied the benefits of it: health care, public utilities, tax credits, pension/retirement reform. And, in these days of no privacy where all communications leave a data trail, theft of lifehours and damage to democracy will be discovered. Please be honest.

The denial of public utilities is not without precedence. In Ancient Rome, persons found guilty of threatening public safety and security were denied use of water or fire within 400 miles of Rome. Think much upon the consequences of your actions before seeking to damage this inevitable progress to better democracy and capitalism. It is inevitable. The means of the many to establish your fraud are broader than your intelligence which is why democracy wins over dictatorship. Use your knowledge wisely to promote rather than retard progress.

For a list of those who have forfeited rights to Democratic Capitalism, see Anathemas.

Think long and wisely before hacking to disrupt and destroy the growing impetuous for on-line democracy. Badmouth better democracy and capitalism at your own risk. Freedom of speech, like rights, only exist when the speech or action solves problems and creates time. Destroying or stealing the time of others as a problem cause in word or deed is not a freedom nor a right.

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