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  1. Physics' Big Puzzle Has Big Question: What Is Time?
  2. That problem is the search for a theory that encompasses both the effects of gravity, described by Einstein's theory of general relativity, and the fuzziness that occurs in the realm of tiny particles according to quantum mechanics.
  3. "Many approaches have run into major stumbling blocks that seem to require some new understanding of space and time,"
  4. time could merely be a "psychological illusion" that was important to humans but not a fundamental element of any unified theory
  5. "That sounds pretty radical to me," he said. "Am I the only one?" He was not.
  6. the symposium did call into sharp relief the problem of exactly what time
  7. The crux of their problem is that time itself looks very different depending on whether scientists try to construct a final theory by starting with quantum mechanics and adding gravity, or vice versa.
  8. One possibility, said Professor Wald, of the University of Chicago, is that time will ultimately have meaning only as correlations between events.
2 011217 htm
Time No Time Like Present
  1. Albert Einstein stood common sense on its head when he proclaimed time to be just another dimension, like height, width and depth, and went on to declare that it can be stretched and warped like taffy
  2. "The passage of time," he says, "is simply an illusion created by our brains."
  3. This unconventional theory comes from an equally unconventional man. After completing his doctorate in physics in 1968, Barbour balked at working in a university, where he would have had to teach, worry about raising grant money and persuade deans to give him tenure. Instead he started earning money by translating Russian articles into English--and did theoretical physics on the side.

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