This is not a job-seeking resume but a biographical review of objective and subjective achievements. Some readers think this is a compilation of lies instead of luck. I was gifted with a fine brain and high curiosity. When I became successful and bored in new fields after three-to-five years, I changed careers which created a diversity of resume entries. I am not proud of the brain, per se, but am proud of how I have made personal sacrifices to use it to help others. [from 1PgResume]

Robert Brown-Barnett

  1. Academia

    1. Completed undergraduate requirements at Southern Illinois University in two years, cum laude ... one period ace'd 24 hours of course work ... completed year of organic chemistry in two months ... focused on psychology, philosophy & chemistry ... for fun and funds, drew faces and physiques: placed in a regional art contest for visual.dichotomy ... member, Dean's College, top 1% of student body.
    2. Fellowship and graduate studies at Northern Illinois University in physiological psychology emphasizing neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neurochemistry & neuroendocrinology ... MA ... earned income better than most professors by transferring technology to new field.
    3. High school: Due to working 40+hours each week, graduated 196 of 376 but scored 97 percentile on college boards ... voted most witty by senior class for a banner year. Second place in state YMCA diving competition.
    4. Egghead: IQ tested at 164 when awake ... type 100wpm when not thinking ... Inadvertently read "Great Books of Western Thought"(96/100) ... Reviewed/read World Book Encyclopedia five times by age 8 ... noted as a reader early on ... Student of history .
    5. Went to college for an education, not job-training, in particular, "What is the meaning of life. Who am I?" ... education progressed from abstract to concrete, from philosophy and religion thru psychology and physiology to biology and chemistry.
  2. Electronics: U.S. Navy ... recorded the highest score ever on final comprehensive exam which had an overall 90% failure rate ... a de facto bachelors in electrical engineering without the humanities ... early promotions, minimum time in rank waived ... 1st telecommunications at 110 baud in 1969 of weather maps--a self-modem man ... assigned to one of two communication command ships, aka, Navy's top-secret communication ship(1969, a floating Pentagon, aka doomsday ship... worked on one of 1st two cell phones for President to conduct nuclear war ... wielded red chits.
  3. Computer Programmer/Consultant:
    1. In mid-1980's wrote a program that earned almost a quarter of a million dollars from processing Blue Cross/Blue Shield overflow ... have micro business computers in attic purchased in late 1970's ... first programmed in 1974.
    2. As a consultant in the 1980's, earned per diem plus expenses implementing programs to convert data into graphic output that cut pre-press costs and turnaround times by 95% ... annually ran a proprietary program for Va. Dept. Ed. school directory, charging about $2000 for 4 minutes runtime to generate a 200-page typeset document saving thousands of tax dollars.
    3. Developed Touch-Tone Manager, a precursor to on-line democracy and capitalism using credit card machines (1990).
  4. Independent, Self-Starting Survivor:
    1. Left home at age eight, self-supporting by shining shoes 40-50 hours a week. In high school, self-supporting by frying hamburgers 40-50 hours a week--still called the best grill boy ever by owner and manager, William "King" Krekel. Of 8 siblings, only 3 finished high school and 1 finished college, a matter of luck, not brains.
    2. Worked one summer on Lexington, KY, horse farms: called best tar baby ever.
    3. In mid-1970's hired to manage startup subsidiary of largest ready-mix concrete company in Ohio ... met 5-year goals in less than 6 months with innovative solutions.
    4. Commitment to implementing better democracy and capitalism shaken by business fire and financial setback.
    5. Neighborhood gardener ... Tree Monkey
  5. Writer: Wrote 14 books on economic, political, management, tax and currency reform.
  6. Ich bin ein printer--During paper sales contest, bought and printed more carbonless sheet paper than any other printer in Virginia--millions of impressions. Won four trips to Europe and six Caribbean cruises. Ich bin gut.
  7. Resume Writer: During the 1980's wrote over 2500 resumes for people in different fields to better understand work, working and workers ... repeatedly praised as the best career summarizer ... interview rate for customers was six times national average 12% instead of 2% ... strove to have resume fit person as a glove fits a hand so that interviews also had high job offer rate--if you like the paper, you like the person including this resume.
  8. Election Investigations:
    1. Used the internet to campaign for a U.S. Congressional seat (1998) ... received a quarter of the vote while the average independent won five to seven percent of the vote. Polled better than major party opponents.
    2. In another election (1997), discovered a gubernatorial candidate using tax dollars for promotional material ... persistence led to empaneling special Federal grand jury and arrests of subordinates who plea-bargained in an unannounced and never-before Saturday morning session in an empty courtroom ... they received $500 fine and community service despite $200,000 tax dollars spent in bid fabrication and rigging to hide purchases far beyond the plea bargained amounts.
    3. In another election, discovered voter registrar fraud (1999) with numerous state voter registrars (30%) in an orchestrated campaign to coverup (another 30% did not respond to enquiries).
  9. Theorist/Pragmatist: Since 1970, explored a unified theory, Timism: The Periodical Table of Existence, aka, the Morality of More Time. Time is the thread in the fabric of life.
  10. Global Dying: In 1982 wrote a paper, Droughts Forever, in which a relationship was shown between rising atmospheric CO2 and alterred precipitation, the CO2 matrix. Research since then shows that global warming and global drying have become global dying as the climate changes are destroying the food chain.
  11. References

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