My jobbing at age 8

  1. Skilled in handling problems.
  2. I have a characteristic that is common to an American demographic group which is known for laughing a lot, the African-American. The average black in America has learned to laugh at problems first and foremost for a simple reason. This reason was summarized in the answer that Abraham Lincoln told a friend who asked how Lincoln could laugh during the Civil War to which Lincoln replied, "If I did not laugh, I would go crazy." Anyone who does not think that blacks confront more problems than whites is wrong. As problems increase, you either cry and die or you laugh and live. Like a black person, I laugh a lot more for less because I have known from youth the problems of basic survival: food and shelter.
  3. An additional thought on African-Americans. Have you ever wonder what God thinks when he hears the racist say nigger? If you take the time to ponder what God thinks about nigger, you will learn a lot about yourself and your world. Do you think God opens the Gates of Heaven to the Nigger-haters or to the niggers? There are more niggers in heaven than racists.
  4. When God hears nigger, he looks at the person who the racist just complimented with the endearment, "Nigger." For God, nigger signifies a good, respectable and honorable person more deserving of paradise than the racist who abuses God's Creation and God's Creatures.

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