Work Ethic School, 1980's

In the late 1980's and early 1990's, I ran a self-funded summer program called a work ethic program. I hire a college education major for the summer to supervise the students. They were paid for four hours. The other four hours were spent using the computers to learn math, typing, etc. It cost about $7000 per summer. Many parents called asking if I could hire/accept one more student.

Why did I do this? When I ask my lifehelpers in my mid-twenties how I could repay them, they all said to pass it on--help young kids. It was a pleasure for many years after they had left high school to get that phone call out of the blue thanking me for teaching them the work ethic. Actually, I didn't teach them. With the onset of puberty, a window of opportunity opens in which a young mind seeks to establish themselves as individuals. If given avenues of learning, responsibility and rewards, they will acquire the greatest gift that anyone can receive, the work ethic.

With the work ethic, both on and off the job, one will be a problem-solver rather than a problem-avoider. As note in the below poster which was formulated and revised over the years, regardless of one's economic station in life, the work ethic provides greater freedom from problems which translates into greater happiness. Like so many institutionalized human problems, throwing money at the problem is not the solution. Governments in all their actions determine the time usage of the governed. If encouraging of the play pathos, a government and the governed should not be surprised when both do not work anymore.

There are simple solutions to most of our problems. One is swapping the play pathos in the education setting with the work ethic. Along with self-directed and self-rewarded students, we could cut our education costs by 75% while producing a better, happier human being to compete on the world stage. I know--I've seen it.

Work Ethic Essay: The Greatest Gift

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