Bob Barnett

Candidate for the Virginia's

House of Delegates

69th District

Bob Barnett believes America is the best country in the world which can be even better by improving our democracy and capitalism. He is running for office to promote this general goal as well as specific steps, some of which are listed below.

The phrases in parentheses are pages on his website "Better Democracy and Capitalism." (

Cut Taxes: The number one reason for high taxes is the same ole politicians being re-elected.

  1. Stop Tax-Wasting Corruption of State Agencies by Politicians--(Virginia Fraud)
  2. Organize people to help solve local problems rather than let problems grow to global size and tax drains (On-line Democracy)
  3. Tax simplification: Let's stop wasting time, money and emotions because of the politicians' chaotic garbage dump of tax codes and tax favors. Let's have a simple, one-time, real-time flat tax (Taxes).

Stop the Violence in the Schools, on the Street and in the Family

  1. Teach the work ethic first and foremost in the school which is the basis of mutual respect.
  2. Change the employment laws so that people are less stressed out to reduce abuse of self, drugs, alcohol and family (RU424N4).

Term Limits: To solve old tax-wasting problems, we need new faces with new ideas! (Amendment)

On-line Democracy: If we can use computers to work and shop from home, now is the time to start using them to govern from home.

  1. On-line Citizen legislation for the elected officials to vote on. (Citizen legislation)
  2. On-line, zero-cost primaries and elections (Presidential Primary)

On-Line Capitalism: Use a proposed currency of the future to reward the people who solve the problem of corrupt, inefficient and ineffective government (Lifehours). We don't have to wait for the habitual politicians to organize and reward us to solve our problems. We can do it now with deferred compensation payable when we have better democracy and capitalism.

For steps to a better, safer and saner world, visit his website:

Paid for by Bob Barnett, an Independent for Independence from Habitual Politicians.

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