Robert Brown-Barnett

While the legal docs of old say Barnett, the father I knew was Roy Brown, a kindly, soft man who didn't like me when I did wrong. I never saw my bio-dad until I was 22. Then, I saw him in a casket.

My real day-to-day dad was the father I knew until someone told me that he wasn't my dad. Oh. Sort of like little kids playing happily together until, about the same time in life, someone says, "Some are different, those chocolate or those vanilla kids." Oh.

As kids growing up, we were the Brown-Barnett brats. In the end, it was my brothers, Vern Brown, Jerry Brown and John Barnett, who came through to keep this project going. Along the way, one brother's great contributions came to an end, and it is to this good guy to whom the whole effort of timism is dedicated. In the beginning and in the end it was and is a Brown-Barnett thing.


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