Do I Owe You?

Over the years I have often walked away from commitments and obligations in order to pursue something that was at time nebulous and self-centered until I became enamoured of Timism as an undergraduate. Even after that pivotal point there were times when I did not, as a human being, live up to my human duty. All too often I took the short-cut to some immediate happiness by short-changing others in their faith in me, taking more time than I gave in return. Not as much as in the past, but still, I am like Bill Clinton: You can take the boy of the country but you can't take the trash out of the boy.

There are many people on my list of IOU's who are due lifehours and GOOHFs from Timism. If you on the list and you believe I owe you, please complete the below brainbee. Once a month, I will review the list responding to the top winners by those who think that I owe them.

How I owe you is not a solely a matter of money. Did you contribute to my happiness and success without acknowledgement or, worse, with insult? If so, I owe you. I remember many people to whom I wish I could say "I am sorry" but I know not how to find them. The IOU brainbee will not only be a way to repay some, hopefully all, but ease my conscious. In reviewing how I was less than a fair, honest human being I will become a better one. And, I know that happiness is tied to one's humanity. Selfishly, in an honest rather than as a thief, I wish to be as happy as I can be.

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