How do you repay someone who needs not money nor friends? You let the world know, to wit, "Lifehours are like Krekel Burgers, get 'em while you can." If you ever go through Decatur, Illinois, the following should convince you to get a few ... dozen.

December 2001 Who makes the best burger? [Survey in Decatur, Illinois]

  1. Krekel's 50%
  2. Burger King 13%
  3. McDonalds 10%

From a review of a restaurant in a town 30 miles away:

The signature item at Druby's is its hamburgers.

"A cheeseburger or double-cheeseburger, that's probably what we're best known for," Bosgraaf says. "It's a Krekel's-type fresh patty burger.


Heaven in a little Brown Bag: For more than 50 years, Krekel's serving up tasty hamburgers

--- THE CHICKEN CAR Mascot-mobile of one of Decatur's oldest and most revered restaurants: Krekel's Kustard. Krekel's serves up amazing ice cream, floats, burgers, and fries at three area locations. Unbeatable on a hot summer day. []

Krekel was my high school boss showed me by example that work pays off. A great friend to many.