The resume service prompted many unusual experience. One happy customer gave me a dozen roses. One gal made me an offer which my wife would not have approved. Another gave me an easy chair. A person from West Virginia gave me a quart of homemade white lightning.

More interesting were the long-term self-affirming and satisfying follow-ups. One happy customer in the early 1990's stopped by to thank me for my resume which she said the hiring board read and hoped that resume and she were one and the same. They were. The Board of Directors of Burlington Industries hired her as VP for human resources at $400k! In order to allow her daughter to finish the normal school year, they hired a nanny for remaining months so my customer could immediately relocate to corporate headquarters.

Another interesting resume follow-up was the prosecutor in a special federal grand jury to investigate tax malfesance and misappropriation by the Virginia Attorney General. Not only had I written his resume but my research and evidence presentation had been the impetus for convening the special grand jury. The eventual trial resulted in conviction of too minor players with the AG getting off.