Self-Destructive Monologs

Some have said that my monologs will get me killed. I have lived far longer and better than I ever expected. In seeking since early days to explore and understand life to liberate me from the lies of youthful folly, each day has been richer than the day before. Long ago I not only accepted the historical probability of my dying from sharing timism with it's fingerpointing of legal thieves and with its calls for theft cessation, but I expect it to be a horrible death from legal robbers who do not want to admit their theft let alone stop and repay, e.g., Bile Guts .

Luckily, I am an exisential masochist. If one is going to die, not only should one not go quietly into that good night but intensely rage with great pain in the final moments before death. A quiet death is the goal of a quitter. No pain, no gain. No final exhileration, no affirmation. To die greatly is to rage like the final movements of the Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture as did my friend, John Berry. To die greatly is to rise graciously in the face of impending, violent death as did the Egyptian Anwa Sadat. I hope I have the final strength to do the right thing by my death.

I am a lucky person--the highest knower. I live with and will die with the knowledge that I don't know everything and don't know how to save the world. However, with the timistic tools formulated from the morality of more time, I know that I am the only person who knows everything necessary to save life on earth. As such, if enough Jack and Jills do not act quickly enough to enact the Manheaven Commission then I will die with the knowledge that I am and was the pinnacle of human understanding of existence: Timism. With the decline of the lifehour and fewer free minutes to think and learn, no one will have the time on this global death trap to learn--let alone--extend timism. When I die, my smile will be bigger in part because I know you and yours are going to increasingly suffer horrible, deserved deaths as the polity unpolitedly police your policies poluting the polis. You deserve to die. Increasingly, you and yours will die unnatural deaths. The question is how soon and how horrible.

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