Babyback Ribs Are Coming Back

You should not read any NUBS if
  • you are NOT offended by habitual politicians
  • you are ARE offended by Negative, Ugly, Bitter Sarcasm.

When people become victims of "Starvation Dementia," their minds and values will change like a drug addict. The body of a starving person starts eating itself after the fat is gone. As the muscles and other tissues are digested, toxic chemicals are released into the bloodstream which are mind alterring like sniffing glue.

When a society declines, food disappears. As history shows, child hunger worsens until the children become the main course or single entree of the meal.

In Argentina, more and more fathers accept their daughters are turning tricks to help the family's finances. This economic dementia, the first declining step of values and morality into starvation dementia.

In India and Afghanistan, daughters are sold to pay familiy debts. Some girls are under the age of ten.

Iraqi parents living in poverty in other countries turn a blind to daughters becoming sex objects.

In the Soviet Union of the 1930s, Nikita Kruschchev was a commissar in the Ukraine where he reported many instances of entering hovels where the starving parents were cooking and eating their children. It was not the first time in the history of Russia that children were cooked for dinner. Droughts and famines over the centuries with the constant fear of invaders from the east resulted in cannibalism of the young.

Babyback ribs are coming back.

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