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The great tragedy of science--the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.
Thomas Henry Huxley

Doo-Doo Digesters

Or as they say in polite company, "shit-eaters"

People with Values, Views and Visions
Based on Gut-Reactions

In some cultures, it is custom for one to drink their own urine as part of a health or religious regiment. Mahatma Gandhi, the great humanitarian and freedom fighter, was a person who regularly took his water for medical beliefs Galileo Giiggles. Not as often for health reasons perhaps more often for pornographic profits are people whose amorous sexual routine amortizes scatalogical cuisine.

Biologically, this is not the kiss of death. Some species thrive on the fecal effluent of others. Farmers used to keep pigs in feedlots to get double mileage out of the cattle feed since bovine alimentary systems are not that efficient in removing nutrients. Some Romans prized the carps in the Tiber which gouged themselves on the feces flowing from Rome's sewers, a delicacy they called licker fish. In developing countries, animals are kept in living quarters to cleanup after each other as well as for pest control. The pandemic threat of bird-flue owes much to the Third World's recycling of waste--an economic pandora box being stirred by cell phones--see Symphony of Existence

Human beings have one of the most efficient digestive tracks which allows more time away from focusing on food as a species which is why human feces has less value as a fertilizer among animals. The toxicity of human bodily waste is not nearly as toxic and irritating as the cellular waste-product of neurons. Neuron transmitters, despite their glorification, are nothing more than metabolic waste ejected by neurons when irritated by adjacent neurons. Most people don't grasp the full import of the observation that life is "shitty"--we are basically bags of watered down chemicals sloshing forward controlled by a bunch of neurons engaged in a rotten food fight of slinging shat. Be that as it may be ....

There is a lesson for all bodies of people who think their financially beneficial gut-reactions are above being questioned. Such people, when they are political leaders, tend to cause economic and military bowel movements. Such people are Doo-doo Digester, that is, people who form a system of values based on their gut-reactions. DooDoo Digester think they can find truths by searching their minds without feeding their minds with anything but their gut-reactions. Such people are foul-mouthed with halitosis from verbal flatulence. Nations of doo-doo digesters go to pot, for they react less and less to reality relying on gut-reactions.