You should not read any NUBS if
  • you are NOT offended by habitual politicians
  • you are ARE offended by Negative, Ugly, Bitter Sarcasm.


Please do not charge the government for any time spent during the normal workday in which you had a dalliance with a government employee, e.g.,  the time when Bill Clinton held up the Rose Garden signing of the Mid-East Peace accord to accord Monica some time to hold up his Mid-Drift Piece.

Which comes first, the indignity or the indignant observation? The chicken or the chicken by a neck?

See Clinton: To Punish or To P----.

If you want to steal from the public, please join one of the habitual political parties. Afterall, the difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the difference between a thieving robber and a robbing thief. A Republican will seduce your wife and bill the business account. A Democrat a la Bill will bill a government agency after seducing your daughter. An independent will seduce your pet and not pay.

Origin: Problem Solvers Wanted