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  1. Of the Bush Administration,
    1. The whore is grosser than the scum of its farts.
    2. one can say that the whole is worst than the scum of its parts
    3. . ... you can lead a whore to water but you can't make her wash. ...
    4. Evil triumphs when evil men control government.
  2. If idle minds are the workshop of the devil then adled minds are the wasteshops of economists
  3. Squeeky wheels get oiled ... Squeeky whores get soiled ...
  4. Cliches revisited: fiber fiber ... spoil ... whores ... turds of the same blether block together ...
  5. Those who ...
    1. Those who say don't know. Those know, don't say. Those who know and say, die.
  6. If you have to ask the price, you can't afford the purchase. On some issues, if you have ask the question then you can't grasp the answer.
  7. Oh what a waste we leave when we do conceive ... or, what a world we leave when first we over-conceive.
  8. Red lights at night, sailors take warning of delights before morning.
  9. Let he who is without ignorance cast the first no.
  10. Of he who bores the doodoo out of you, one can say that with friends like him, one does not need enemas.
  11. The way to hell is paved with campaign promises.
  12. As the unquestioned life is not worth living so is the unquestioned lie not worth fibbing.
  13. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of bad values.

Cliches Punishment

  1. You can lead a whore to water and not make her wash.
  2. A political whore is grosser than the scum of his farts.
  3. Adled minds are the wasteshops of economists.
  4. Economists know the price of everything but the value of nothing.
  5. Spoiled brats have the price of everything but value nothing but money.
  6. If it talks life a fuck, cracks for a fuck, it must be a fuck.


  1. When there were only two people on the earth, God supposedly said, "Go forth and multiply." With 7 billion humans destroying his Garden of Eden would he instead say "Go forth and vasectomize?"
  2. Oh what a rot we leave when first we do conceive.
  3. The truth will set you free if the truth speaker knows the truth.
  4. Pro-life is pro-litter.
  5. Believing is self-deceiving

turds of the same blather block together.

Different strokes, streaks, shrinks, stools/fools.

Lingual and opinions

  1. If one speaks three languages, one is tri-lingual. If one speaks two languages, one is bi-lingual. If one speaks one language, one is American.
  2. Opinions are like arseholds, everyone has one. And, the more opinions one has the bigger one's arseholes. For their oceans of opinions, conservative talk show hosts are big arseholes but not as big as pulpit pied pipers with their heavenly hallucinations.

Personal (perhaps with antecendents unknown)

  1. The reason for re-inventing the wheel is to know how to build a better wheel.
  2. It is not smart to outsmart another by using lies.


  1. Moralitiy without practicality is immoral.
  2. Visions without reasons are treasons.