You should not read any NUBS if
  • you are NOT offended by habitual politicians
  • you are ARE offended by Negative, Ugly, Bitter Sarcasm.

(This came to mind while discussing the role of layered clothing to be warm in the winter and whether higher groin heat could cause a seasonal elevation of PSA .)

A man has a pain that begins at his knees and ends below his heart. His doctor said, your manhood has to go if you want the pain to go. A second opinion had the same opinion. Recovering from the surgery, a friend said the way to relieve his depression was to buy a new wardrobe.

At a premo male clothier, the salesman was an expert. When asked for a sports coat, the salesman brought a perfect fit. The same with shirts and slacks. The depressed man was impressed. However, when the salesman produced size 36 BVDs, the man laughed, "You got it wrong. I wear size 34." Laughing louder, the salesman replied, "If you wear size 34 you are going to have pain from your knees to your heart."

This is a variation of the blind men and the elephant.