Conversation Stoppers

The following are good to ways to stop a conversation:

  1. It's too complicated. The complexity of a snowflake is not complexity. No use talking about something you think is too complex.
  2. It will take years. Good, go away, come back when you know  that right now is right time to do the right thing. No use talking to someone who doesn't want work for a better world today.
  3. People won't understand it. Why talk to someone who does not understand.

Hall of Fame: What some people have said to me in response to providing timism.

  1. Will you be able to handle the truth when you wake up to it? (MFSG, counselor, 2000, out of the blue when I was handed the phone in which she had asked to talk to me)
  2. Maybe you should recognize that all these people might be right and you are wrong. (ML, MPLS Public Radio, 2002 on presenting Global Warming Research).
  3. All this stuff is beyond me and is a waste of my time. (AG, 2005)
  4. Cathy is welcome in our house but you are not. (LLS, Summer 2007)

Also see rejections .


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