Racist Dummies: Know Thyself

Brain Bees: Youth Wisdom ... Personal Democracy

Everyone has racist thoughts in the same way that everyone has thoughts of insanity and insecurity. One's awareness and reaction to these three personality limitations determine whether one becomes enslaved or liberated. If one's modus operandi is to deny, hide and nurture these weeds in one's mental garden then one's garden will become overgrown with insanity, insecurity and racism.

Know thyself. Socrates said to question thyself to know thyself. He also said that he knew more than most people because he knew what he did not know. Taken together with the above three dumb personality parts, one can engender a better world for self and others by sharing one's limitations in a constructive manner. The person who knows and shares their insanities, insecurities and racism is a person  who is more sane and secure as well as less racist. Like an onion, the more one peels off the layers of stupidity, the smaller the remaining bulb of stink.

This person takes pride in the fullest and literal sense (forward being) in recognizing, sharing and disparaging the racist thoughts that cross his mind. A result is an awareness of being less racist than he was and a lot less racist than the average person. When a person is the target of a racist comment or act, the source may not be a racist. The source's reaction to his or her own racist act is the determinant. If the source expresses a reaction to the racism as "That was dumb," the object should be decent and magnanimous in accepting this de facto apology. To not accept is to make one an equal racist. As a person willing to die for the right of all human beings to the pursuit of happiness, I may be characterized as having a racist thought but not thought of as a racist.

Toward bringing about a less stupid, less racist world, brain bees were established for youth and adults whereby people can share their dumb racist thoughts, words or deeds. While this thinker has categorized many personal racist mistakes, two within a few days of each other in Spring, 2002, showed how easy it is to stereotype based on racist falsehoods.

  1. A news account recorded how a woman was upset at a retail business. The police were called. She drove away from police. Some miles later she lost control of her vehicle and killed a pedestrian on a sidewalk. I thought she was black. A later news account with a picture showed her to be poster candidate for a white, suburban, middle-age, soccer mom driving an SUV (which is itself a stereotype). Wow, was I wrong. Dummy me.
  2. An Arab high school student blew herself up at an Israeli grocery store, killing another high school student. When I first saw the pictures of the two girls, I said lighter is Jewish and darker is Islamic. A later picture with captions showed the opposite to be true. Whoa, how dumb I was.

Racism is ignorance.

Racism is stupid.

Racism is for fools. Flotillas
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