Well-Vested Traveler

In traveling widely, the problem of managing a laptop and its paraphenalia is normally addressed in a shoulder-straining, back-aching, hands-numbing briefcase or satchel. Often, rather than risking the loss of a laptop in baggage claim, it is lugged to tourist attractions which is an inconvenient. If the laptop is lockedup in a storage bin, it is not easily accessible for a hot idea during the off-train travels. More than one traveler was met who admired this well-vested traveler's response to conveniently and comfortably keeping a laptop safe, secure and handy: A customized fishing vest.

Picture needed Picture needed

The above images show the front and back of a fishing vest that is in its fifth-generation of modifications and enhancements to fit this traveler's lifestyle like a kid-glove fits a hand. The following lists the seamtress modifications that raised the overcall cost from $29 to over $200 ... but it is worth it. A fishing vest company could expand its market to high schools and colleges by adding the features so that the cost would be under $50. To Giiggle any firm that has implemented these changes, click here: Giiggle "Timism Traveler's Vest"

General considerations:

  1. Balance front items with back items so that weight is on the balanced on the shoulders rather than all on the back like a school pack or on one-side like a satchel or briefcase. With the laptop on the back, the other back pockets should be for light weight items: CD holder, raincoat, plastic bag (for covering laptop if rain), extension cords. Front parkets should hold power supplies, mouse, books, etc.
  2. Recognize that unless upon a hanger or a body, the vest is like a fish out of water, or, more appropriately, a jellyfish on the beach. It is hard to access the pockets.
  3. Pockets should have double holders
  4. Inside zippers should have string loop extensions. Hard to grab a short zipper from the other side.
  5. Buy an oversize: Winter stuffing. Looks goofy if too small. Looks eccentric Brit if oversize. (been there, done that).
  6. Mark the pocket flaps with the contents. Be sure to put things back. Otherwise, you will be spending a lot of time in your mobile attic trying to find something. If it is not in the designated pocket, you have probably lost it.


  1. Back
    1. Laptop compartment.
    2. Extra pockets for small items: 1=Memory stick reader ... 2=Battery Charger (AA&AAA)... 3=empty ... 4=empty
    3. Triple Fish pockets: Left=extension cords ... Middle=Small plastic raincoat and plastic bag ... right=CDrom music
    4. Weather Garment holders(velcro) at top (3): How to use
  2. Front
    1. Flap compartments: Pens, Markers, Lazer pointer, Coins, Cash
    2. USB light holder in vertical front.
    3. Inside pockets:
      1. Right: Laptop Charger, Cord (expander)
      2. Left: Mouse, USB expander,
      3. Left, top: Book holder
    4. Outside:
      1. Left
        1. Top: Phone (if not in hat)
        2. Middle: Inside (Camera)
        3. Lower: Glasses (zipper)
      2. Right
        1. Top: Candy/Cough drops
        2. Middle: Cigar holder (3) ... Passport, tickets
        3. Bottom: Security chain/alarm
  3. Future
    1. Zipper sides for expandability
    2. Pop holder (front)
    3. Printer/Scanner holder
    4. LCD projector (Mitsubishi)

Items present in this Timist's Traveling Vest:

  1. Laptop
  2. Batter charger (AA & AAA) ... Batteries in ammo sling. (great for meeting security personnel at an airport)
  3. Memory stick reader
  4. USB expander
  5. Extension cords (2) plus triple outlet (In your luggage, you might want to have a six-outlet power strip to help other passengers who are unfamiliar with the limited number of 110 outlets on train consists build in the early 1970's--See Amtrak Consist.) Extension cords should be nine to fifteen feet long with a flat rather than protruding plug

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